BEST SUPERBOWL SNACKSIt’s that time a year again, where we can gather with friends and stuff our faces one last time as the season comes to an end.  It’s a sad time, but a fun time and that’s why you need to celebrate it with the best superbowl snacks!

We wish our team made it to the superbowl this year, but they didn’t.  And that’s okay, that is just way too much stress anyway.  Now we can relax and watch the game while eating delicious fun foods.  Now come one, that sounds good to everybody!

This year, we decided that we need to come up with a theme and a tradition.  I thought to myself, how fun would it be to take the two teams, figure out what amazing foods come from their respected cities and make a meal plan!

We broke it down to two tasty sandwiches that I think you will enjoy as well.  So this year (2016) it is The Carolina Panthers vs. The Denver Broncos.  Keep reading below to see our main course!


You need some apps, and these don’t really need to be for each city.  Let’s be honest, there are some few crown favoirtes that we can’t leave out.  And truthfully, I don’t really want to be trying an rocky mountain oysters for my party!

Chili cheese Queso Dip – such a classic staple to keep warm in the crocpot.  Serve with chips
Guacomole – Who doesn’t love fresh guac?Salsa – I love pico de galo, yes this is also happening!
Artichoke dip – Why not, everyone loves it!
Chicken wings – can’t forget those either.

You can get creative and add whatever you like!

So for the main course, we wanted to use a theme, that being the team and the city.  Let’s get started!


So this one was an easy one for Pulled Pork Sandwiches!

I love a good pulled pork, slow cooked so its nice and tender.  You add some slaw and hit with some sauce and you got a winner!

For this I personally really like a sweet and sassy sandwich.  So im going to use the Hawaiian buns, they are nice and soft with a hint of sweetness.  We thought sliders would be appropriate since there will be tons of snacks.

I’ll add the pork early in the morning to the slow cooker.  And later during the day get the slaw ready.  The sauce will probably be bought, but I will try to make a bbq mustard.  So tasty.


Sing it with me!  “Chicken parm you taste so good!”

This was a tough one, I really wasn’t sure what food comes from Colorado other than some traditional foods you find everywhere.  I also was into eating a Denver Omelet for the game, maybe the day after depending on the result.

So in honor of Peyton Manning, we our going to have Chicken Parm Sliders for the Bronco theme.

I truly have never had one, so this will be fun.  And sticking with the sliders, I saw pretzel bun at the store that I thought would be tasty!

The chicken I will cut from into smaller size and flour and fry them.  Add tons of cheese and Marinara sauce and I think we got a winner here too!

So it will be a toss-up.  I know im excited for the game and the fun foods mixed with some micro beers!


So there it is, a simple yet fun way to add a new snack to your party.  What sort of fun foods will you be having?  We’d love to hear about it!


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