blueberry beer

I had heard about blueberry beer before I actually tried it.  But to be honest, I wasn’t really into trying something that sounded like pie.  That’s what I had thought it would taste like anyway.

I spend a lot of time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin during the summer.  There are many great places to see and visit including hidden bars and tap rooms.  And that’s where I discovered some great new brews.

Tribute Brewing Company

But first let me tell you are my two favorite tap rooms for the blue berry brew.  Tribute brewing company in Eagle River Wisconsin.  Their famous Blueberry Train is amazing.  It is an ale that is refreshing and has a hint of berries.  One would think that it would be blue, but it still looks normal!

The story goes that back in the old days there would be a train of workers that would come up from Milwaukee to pick the berries.  I actually do not know if they use extract of fresh for the brew.

The tap-room itself is nice, they have complimentary peanuts and popcorn, which is nice.  You can get re-fills for your growler here too.  They have another interesting option.  4-packs of 16 oz. plastic bottles.  I thought that was cool, and as we pass through town we usually pick one of these up.

Dublin Sports Bar and Grill

Here is where the hidden gem of a bar comes into play.  The place is outside of Eagle River near Phelps and Conover, but right on Big Twin Lake.  So, to get there you have to follow small signs.

But once you find it, you won’t want to leave.  The place is called Dublin Sports bar and Grill.  The place is beautiful dark oak on the inside.  Probably the best bathroom I have ever used.  They have great food options too. Also tons of TVs and great brew including Tribute on tap.  And it’s actually cheaper at Dublin than at the taproom!

If you’re in this area you need to make a stop at either of these places!

The Vierling

If you make it into the U.P. then you know that everything is within 60 or so miles. Take a trip to Marquette, it is a gorgeous town packed full of history.  With cool building with lots of fun shops.

We found this place by accident.  To be honest it looked like a small bar from the outside and if it weren’t for a sign about the award-winning fresh white fish, we wouldn’t have gone it.  So glad we did.  Turns out the Vierling is old and famous!

When you walk in you notice the charm right away.  They have an old and I assume its original bar to the left.

blueberry beer

The rest of the place is a busy restaurant with lots of seating and a brewery downstairs.  We got seated and the saw their beverage list, and noticed they had blue berry on tap as well as peach.

I ordered the blue berry and it was amazing. This is served with actual fresh berries!  Doesn’t that picture make you want one!

Honestly, they have around 6 on tap, you’ll find one you love.  You need to try this place for many reasons.  And yes, the fish was amazing!

What to do if you’re not in the area?

So, I realize not everyone can try these, especially if you’re nowhere near the northern Wisconsin and Michigan.  But there are some companies that do make the blue berry.

My favorite is probably Seadog ale.  I’m pretty sure they have distribution all over, so if you can’t find it, ask and im sure the store can order it.

Its is like the ones I described above.  It has a golden pour with a decent white head on it.  It smells like wheat and blueberries, not too overpowering.

They have won many awards for this, worth a shot.

Trader Joes has one available in six-packs.  They sell it for 3-4 cheaper than the big name stuff.  It’s not bad but has a bit more artificial taste to it.

My least favorite is Wild Blue.  Now that one was almost purple when I poured it and all I can say is it is sweet and sort of like a wine-cooler.  8% alcohol, this might be one for someone who likes white wine to try.  Not a fan personally as, you can see the ones I liked above are more wheat and ale.

Have you tried any ones out there?  I would love to hear about them, leave a comment and recommend one!


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