Hario Hand Grinder Review

A recent my coffee sucks, I needed some change.  And I wanted to do it by hand to have a good cup every morning.  I was surprised for Christmas when my wife had got me coffee mill!  So here is my hario hand grinder review.

Maybe I liked the antique cast iron fly-wheel and oak box it was built out of but I think there was more to it.
best hand crank coffee grinder
The idea of taking fresh roasted coffee beans and putting them into this 100-year-old machine, cranking it a few times and then collecting the grounds at the bottom of the box has always appealed to me.  It’s fun with several benefits as well.

My fiance surprised me with this beautiful [easyazon_link identifier="B003EEGDSM" locale="US" tag="musiclaptop-20"]hand coffee grinder[/easyazon_link] I love this machine, and I truly look forward to using it everyday.

I have actually discovered how much better my coffee taste after using a manual vs. the electric.  So I did some research to see if it was actually true or just a psychological thought.

This is the best way to grind coffee beans, for a truly satisifiyng way, do it by hand.


Hario Hand Grinder Review 1

After further research, contacting a few barista and coffee shop owners, they have told me, having a good bean grinder is one of the biggest secrets to getting that great cup.  And here is their reasoning for why that is.

Brewing coffee isn’t just running hot water over crushed beans.  There is a science to they way something is brewed.  Take a look at espresso, fine grounds are packed into the group head and then hot water is passed through it.

Or think about a french press, you steep the beans in the water for a few minutes to get that desired flavor.

Each cup or style has a certain method, and that’s what we are looking for. You need the coffee ground to be a consistent size.  Not having this, and having a few random “chunks” in there will throw the taste off.


Let’s be honest, they are fast and convenient for sure.  But that doesn’t mean your coffee will taste any better.

Here is what it is actually doing.  IT USES A BLADE TO GRIND!  The blade which is turning at 1000 rpm’s is just destroying the beans and making a mess of the fines.  “Fines” are the result of cutting, for example, it would be like sawdust when cutting wood.

But in this case, fines are the bitter part of coffee we don’t want.  Eliminating this, will for sure make a better cup.

Let me explain the pros of a manual one.


So we now know what using an automatic one is bad.  Let’s understand why it’s worth cranking your own beans for a minute or two each day.

Using this method, you put the beans through a set of steel teeth or they could be ceramic.  Cranking by hand , the beans slowly go through the hopper as you keep turning.  The grounds collect at the bottom as you mill.  And there you have it.

It’s not hard to do, but understanding that the choice is automatic = bitter taste and manual = what it’s actually supposed to taste like!

And that really is the truth, it’s the matter of a pot of terrible or a pot of amazing.
It’s worth giving it a shot!

Hario Hand Grinder Review Conclusion

So there you have it my hario hand grinder review, the pros and cons of using the best hand crank coffee grinder.  You can tell i’m a fan, and the way I look at it is, it’s exercise, you don’t use electricity and you get to grind some tasty beans.

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