If you follow the paranormal, you may have heard of a new TV show called Ghost Brothers.  The show features 3 investigators Juwan, Dalen, and Marcus.  The very first African-American paranormal group.

Featured on the network Destination America, the show follows suit of known and liked shows, such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  In fact, Ghost Brothers are produced by the same production as Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Media Group.

Comedic ghost hunting

They have a new and fun spin on the paranormal.  They make it funny!  These guys are always joking around, unlike some shows where it is far too serious.

It’s a legit format, it’s not scripted like the other popular ones are these days.  You got to love that raw approach.

Show Locations/Investigations

The season has taken the crew to these haunted hot spots.  There are only 6 episodes for the season, but the good news is they have just been picked up for a second season.  Which is great!

Here are the places they investigated.

Ghost Brothers Hunting Equipment

So far the ghost brothers only use a few pieces of equipment.  Their approach to investigating is a kind, gentle and a human way.  They have said that they are the most polite group out there, which I probably true.  Cue Ghost Adventure’s Zak, screaming for something to come and hurt him.  They are actually the opposite.

Their equipment includes IR-Cameras, Smart phones Laser grid pens and EMF pumps.  Standard and basic to any paranormal hunting kit.

Season 2

We are looking forward to seeing where the new season takes the Ghost Brothers.  Where will they go, Deadwood, The Stanley hotel?  It’s highly likely that the popularity of the show will bring more opportunity to hunt the popular places.