Hot new Paranormal Investigation TV Show

If you follow the paranormal, you may have heard of a new TV show called Ghost Brothers.  The show features 3 investigators Juwan, Dalen, and Marcus.  The very first African-American paranormal group.

Featured on the network Destination America, the show follows suit of known and liked shows, such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  In fact, Ghost Brothers are produced by the same production as Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Media Group.

Comedic ghost hunting

They have a new and fun spin on the paranormal.  They make it funny!  These guys are always joking around, unlike some shows where it is far too serious.

It’s a legit format, it’s not scripted like the other popular ones are these days.  You got to love that raw approach.

Show Locations/Investigations

The season has taken the crew to these haunted hot spots.  There are only 6 episodes for the season, but the good news is they have just been picked up for a second season.  Which is great!

Here are the places they investigated.

Ghost Brothers Hunting Equipment

So far the ghost brothers only use a few pieces of equipment.  Their approach to investigating is a kind, gentle and a human way.  They have said that they are the most polite group out there, which I probably true.  Cue Ghost Adventure’s Zak, screaming for something to come and hurt him.  They are actually the opposite.

Their equipment includes IR-Cameras, Smart phones Laser grid pens and EMF pumps.  Standard and basic to any paranormal hunting kit.

Season 2

We are looking forward to seeing where the new season takes the Ghost Brothers.  Where will they go, Deadwood, The Stanley hotel?  It’s highly likely that the popularity of the show will bring more opportunity to hunt the popular places.

37 thoughts on “Hot new Paranormal Investigation TV Show”

  1. elisha jernigan

    Hi I’m a 52 year old grandmother. Watch t.v.and stumbled on to your show.Love it and you 3 guys.Wish I could come visit and go on a case with yall on night. Sounds awesome.

  2. I love you guys. I always wanted to be apart of the paranormal shows. That would be amazing. Hit me up when you guys can.

  3. I enjoy the show, but I have a bone to pick with the guys. It seems as if everytime the make contact, they start pooping on themselves and drop it without persuing it any further. Can you pleeeeease stick around, ask questions, findout what they need/want, etc.

  4. You guys should come to Pennsylvania and check out Eastern state penitentiary. I think you will have a blast.

  5. wish Y’all would go to Shreveport Louisiana there’s a cemetery there that a ghost keeps moving her bricks out. it’s behind the police station

  6. Kristin Fleagle

    Guys!! You have to come to Minnesota! There are so many destinations that are haunted, I don’t even know where to start. Hope you take me up on my invite….

  7. You guys are awesome! What is the program and equipment you are using that shows the (person stick figure) abnomibly detector? It looked really awesome!

  8. You’all are a bunch of Sissy’s! Seriously aren’t you at these locations and given the honor by owners to connect with those who have passed, and then you jump around like little girls. If not for your Mama’s and yourselves, how about showing some respect for those who have lost their lives as well as the property owners. They are not Spirit’s, they are people who have passed so show respect, keep your big girl panties on and follow through with what you claim to have a gift for. “JoMama says Buck up Big Boys”

    1. Lol They say if you don’t have haters, your not doing something right. If you don’t like the show, STOP WATCHING IT!!! DUHHH lol Let those boys live! Live your life and carry on. Smdh

  9. Love the the show! I hope you put Oklahoma on your destination list. Especially Guthrie, Oklahoma. If you do make it to Okc, I can recommend the best places to eat.

  10. I was watching the time yall were in Carolina at the haunted jail. and when one of you went down to check out the reason the camera went out he seen the pole on the ground. well at that moment right after he said well its on the ground you can hear a mans voice as if it were trying to tell you something. please go back and listen I called my son back in the room and played it backed and told him to tell me what he notices about the playback…he said ” I hear a man faintly but for sure a man yelling trying to be heard.” yall are too cool and we love the show . your biggest Jasper Alabama fans. Trudi Chambers
    I would love for yall to come to Birmingham Alabama to check out the Sloss furnace. I would love to meet yall if possible, if yall ever come this way..

  11. Hi my name is trudi chambers and i was watching the show where y’all were in the old jail in Carolina (not sure north or south) . But one of you went to fix the cam at went out and when you got there the pole was on the ground. When you said it was on the ground I and my son could hear a e.v.p. of a man’s voice he was loudmouth to be on your mic. Y’all need to g o back and listen. It was awesome.
    I hope y’all will make it to sloss furnace in Birmingham Al. one day ….. thank you

    Trudi chambers

  12. Cheyenne Olson

    Come to Tempe, AZ! There’s a haunted restaurant called Casey’s where there has been sightings of Casey Moore. I’d love to go with you too! I’ll be your Ghost Sister.

  13. I love your show and can’t wait for the new season to begin. I love the humor you guys add to the show as well.

  14. Love the show! I actually get stressed out if I miss an episode! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the new season!!

  15. Love the show!!! I am a big fan!!! Best ghost series on television. The rest don’t compare. Please come back with season 3. My DVR is ready to record!!
    Pop the trunk on them ghost!! LOL

  16. all right you guys, i would love to go on a spirit adventure with you and Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures…he cracks me up like you guys do!! Gotta keep it light, to make the hunt alright!!!

  17. Brothers you are kind. It is a pleasure waching your show. I love your down home approach. I may be a ghost soon and hope I run into you all on a investagation. Sure wish you find out some answers how it is on the other side it may give us all some comfort knowing it’s gonna be ok. Rember to be kind after all you are invading their space. Kindness is the answer for everything. Good luck on your show,see you on the otherside.

  18. You guys are so dope and FUNNYYY!! lol I hope that you continue to air and come out with new episodes. I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for new ones. I’ll be so disappointed if the show stops. I love to watch you guys! Please let us know when new episodes will air. Thanks!

  19. I love ghostbrothers, it brings a new light to a issue that many people ignore, You Re not the typical team, you bring humor to it, in how so many people would act in that same situation, everyone do not walk and be serious 24hrs. the silliest also express controlling your fear. You bring humor to a real situations, continue being the investigators that you are.

  20. I enjoy your show great deal and the way you guys joke around. I have one for you have spirits in house that jokes around when taking pictures they can out in the picture example: inside fireplace, have a fire going in the the fireplace when am not burning fire wood also have faces on living wall and which the wall changes if your instead need a reply back from you yes or no and I will send you pictures, need a contact number to send you the pictures, or an email address to send toy you that way.

  21. I was watching the episode of the frizpatrick hotel. Man yall guys are so,so,so dam funny, I laughed through the whole show. That Marcus an Jawan,those dudes are to harlious more needs to be made. I love u guys.

  22. Kimberly Puente

    OK, It’s been 2 YEARS since this show has aired! Why didn’t they air last season (year)?? I think that the Destination America channel is SLIPPING UP on us! They stopped airing any NEW Paranormal Investigation shows. And the ones they do air are OLD EPISODES ANYWHERE FROM 1-10 YEARS OLD!! But, what I cannot stand is that they advertise that “NEW” episodes will be aired, and when that day/time comes, they are all OLD OLD OLD!!! So they LIE TO US!! Even on “Kindred Spirits” this past season, they labeled All of the episodes as “NEW” & they even “re-named” them (as if their audience won’t know that they’re lying!). So, when it comes to “Ghost Brothers”, You need to get your asses back to work & start putting out some “NEW” episodes!!! The show is awesome, but if you do ever come back on TV, just know, a little joking is ok, but TONE IT WAY THE HELL DOWN!!! It’s not “comedy hour” guys! If that’s what you want to do, take your happy asses down to the closest comedy club! It’s about getting “evidence” of ghosts, spirits, demons, and anything paranormal! And btw, if you do come back, I’d like to see you do the “flashlight” technique by using 3 flashlights. One for “yes”, one for “no” & one for “I don’t know” answers. I’m sure you’ve seen other investigators do it.


  24. I have never seen a good ‘ghost hunting’ show until yours. Just want to know if you are ever coming out west to Arizona in the future?

  25. Absolutely love your show. It’s nice not seeing someone jumping around , screaming , cussing. I’m planning on going to Prospect Place. I would love for yall ro come and do Old Licking County Jail ,and Ohio State Reformatory.
    I truly hope you continue your show. God Bless, guys.

  26. Absolutely love your show. It’s nice not seeing someone jumping around , screaming , cussing. I’m planning on going to Prospect Place. I would love for yall ro come and do Old Licking County Jail ,and Ohio State Reformatory.
    I truly hope you continue your show. Would love to you and my 14 year old son loved your show too!
    God Bless, guys.

  27. I really love your show. Glad to see some new ones. I was happy to see when you all went to the Magnolia in Seguin, TX as my husband was born & raised there. By the time I heard you all were going to be there the tickets were gone.

  28. You guys missed the orb going by Lillian’s room door during the sensory deprivation experiment on the “Suffocated by Spirits”. If you can’t find it, email me and I will send a pic I took of the scene during your show. It is a light anomaly that comes from behind the door frame and disappears in the middle of the door entry way.

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