I’m Bob Rock, and I created ghostbrothers.com in 2010. I got interested in the paranormal when I had an encounter at the Bullock Hotel, and ever since then, I’ve been fascinated by ghosts and hauntings. Me and my brother go ghost hunting across the United States, and we’ve encountered some pretty amazing things along the way. We’ve even helped some haunted homeowners get rid of their ghosts!

This website is about everything paranormal. From Haunted hotels to cryptozoology, this is a hub for all things supernatural. We have articles and stories from experts in the paranormal field as well as those who’ve experienced it first hand. Experiences that range from the commonplace to the unbelievable. Stay up-to-date on current events in the mysterious unknown and join our community of likeminded people where you can share your own experiences or ask questions about something you don’t understand. The sky’s the limit at Ghost Brothers! Come explore with us today.

At Ghost Brothers, we are passionate about understanding what lies beyond what we know. Our team of editors and writers bring together decades worth of knowledge in parapsychology, ufology, cryptozoology, and oology. We cover everything from ghosts to aliens, bigfoot to lake monsters, angels to fairies. Our readership has expanded far beyond the United States and Canada into Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our website offers more than just articles – we also have exclusive interviews with paranormal researchers from all walks of life. You can watch video recordings of ghost hunts or join in on a live chat about anything supernatural-related. On top of that, there are forums for members of the Ghost Brothers community to come together and share their own unique experiences!

Come explore the unknown with us at Ghost Brothers today – you never know what mysteries you may uncover! Join now and take part in our ever-growing community!