“The Eerie Legend of Las Vegas’ Haunted Castañeda Hotel”

By Bob •  Updated: 12/30/23 •  4 min read

The Eerie Legend of Las Vegas’ Haunted Castañeda Hotel


The Castañeda Hotel, located in Las Vegas, has a storied history and a reputation for being haunted. This blog post will delve into the eerie legend surrounding this historic hotel and explore the reported paranormal activities that have earned it its haunted status.

History of the Castañeda Hotel

Built in 1898, the Castañeda Hotel was designed by famed architect Frederick Roehrig. Originally intended to cater to railroad passengers, it quickly became a popular destination for travelers seeking luxury accommodations in the Wild West. Throughout its history, the hotel has hosted many notable figures, including Teddy Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart.

However, it is not just its historical significance that makes the Castañeda Hotel renowned; it is also known for its haunting phenomena.

The Haunting Phenomena at the Castañeda Hotel

Numerous guests and staff members have reported ghostly apparitions at the hotel. Visitors claim to have encountered spirits roaming the hallways and appearing in their rooms – some even describe these apparitions as being dressed in period clothing from when the hotel first opened. Others have reported hearing strange sounds such as whispers, voices speaking unintelligibly, and footsteps when no one else is present.

Furthermore, there have been instances of items inexplicably moving or disappearing altogether within the hotel’s confines. These mysterious occurrences have left many wondering about the origins of these supernatural events.

Origins of the Haunting Legend

Investigations into how the hotel became associated with haunting stories reveal a mixture of myths, legends, and local folklore. Some believe that tragic events like murders or accidents occurred within its walls during its early years. Others claim that restless spirits are connected to Native American burial grounds once situated on or near where the hotel now stands.

Famous Ghost Stories Connected to The Hotel

Over time, several specific ghost stories have emerged from the Castañeda Hotel. One infamous tale is that of Henry Lambert, a hotel employee who mysteriously disappeared in 1912. His body was never found, and some people believe his spirit still lingers within the hotel grounds.

Another haunting account involves Maria Elvira Olivarez, a woman who allegedly died by suicide in the early 1900s after being abandoned by her lover. Guests have reported seeing her ghostly figure dressed in white wandering through the hotel corridors.

Additionally, there have been numerous reports of ghostly children playing on one particular staircase within the hotel. Witnesses claim to hear laughter and running footsteps but find no trace of any physical presence.

Paranormal Investigations at Castañeda Hotel

Given its haunted reputation, paranormal experts have conducted investigations at the Castañeda Hotel over the years. These investigations involve techniques such as electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings and infrared photography to capture any potential evidence of paranormal activity. However, conclusive findings are scarce, leaving many questions unanswered.

Modern-Day Operations at Castañeda Hotel

Despite its haunted status, the Castañeda Hotel continues to operate as a boutique hotel while capitalizing on its eerie reputation. The management has embraced Halloween events, ghost tours, and other activities that cater to visitors with an interest in the paranormal.


The haunted legend surrounding Las Vegas’ Castañeda Hotel has persisted throughout its long history. With reported paranormal activities and famous ghost stories connected to this historic establishment, it remains a popular attraction for those seeking a taste of supernatural intrigue. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying that this eerie legend has made an impact on Las Vegas tourism and added an extra layer of mystery to this historic landmark.