“The Haunting of Speedway High: Unveiling the Ghostly Chinese Dragon”

By Bob •  Updated: 12/31/23 •  4 min read

Title: The Haunting of Speedway High: Unveiling the Ghostly Chinese Dragon


Speedway High School, located in the heart of Speedway, has long been known for its rich history and vibrant theater program. However, tucked away within the school’s theater stage lies a haunting legend that has intrigued students, teachers, and staff alike. The tale revolves around a ghostly Chinese dragon that is said to roam the hallways and stage area, creating an eerie atmosphere within Speedway High.

The Legend of the Haunted Chinese Dragon

Chinese mythology has deep roots in ghost stories and supernatural entities. These tales often involve spirits seeking revenge or wandering aimlessly due to unfinished business in their earthly lives. The legend surrounding the haunted Chinese dragon at Speedway High School is believed to be one such story.

According to local folklore, many years ago, a traveling theater troupe from China visited Speedway High School to perform a traditional play involving a majestic Chinese dragon. During one fateful performance, tragedy struck when an accident occurred on stage, resulting in several deaths. It is said that the energy from this traumatic event trapped the spirit of the Chinese dragon within the school’s theater forever.

Sightings and Encounters with the Ghostly Dragon

Over the years, numerous individuals have reported sightings and encounters with this ghostly apparition. Students recount moments when they’ve seen a shadowy figure resembling a dragon slithering across darkened hallways or hovering above their heads during rehearsals. Teachers have claimed to have witnessed unusual movements on stage when no one else was present.

One particularly chilling account comes from Mrs. Thompson, an English teacher at Speedway High School. She recalls a night when she stayed late grading papers in her classroom adjacent to the theater stage area. As she worked alone in her room late into the evening, she suddenly heard deep guttural growls coming from behind her classroom door—accompanied by an icy gust of wind that sent shivers down her spine. When she opened the door to investigate, there was nothing there except an eerie silence.

Unexplained Phenomena in Speedway High School Theater Stage

The theater stage at Speedway High School is no stranger to unexplained phenomena. Students and staff have reported hearing mysterious footsteps, disembodied voices, and the sound of heavy objects being shifted around when no one else is present. Props and set pieces have been known to move on their own accord during rehearsals or performances, creating a disconcerting atmosphere for those involved.

Paranormal investigators have documented these occurrences extensively and believe that they are directly linked to the haunting of the Chinese dragon. Some speculate that the residual energy from the tragic accident all those years ago continues to affect the theater stage area, causing these unexplained phenomena.

Attempts to Communicate with Spirits at Speedway High School Theater Stage

Driven by curiosity and a desire for answers, several paranormal investigations have been conducted at Speedway High School’s theater stage. These investigations aim to communicate with or capture evidence of the ghostly Chinese dragon haunting this location.

During one notable investigation led by a renowned ghost hunter group, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings were captured. These recordings contained faint whispers that researchers believed were attempts from spirits—possibly including the Chinese dragon—to communicate with them. This discovery further fueled speculations about paranormal activity within Speedway High School.

Historical Context Behind Haunting

To fully understand this haunting, it is essential to explore any historical events or individuals that may be connected or could have influenced it. In Speedway’s history, no significant tragedies or events related specifically to a Chinese theater troupe have been recorded. Further research is needed to uncover potential connections between past owners or incidents surrounding the school and this haunting.

Impact on Students and Faculty

Living and working in an allegedly haunted environment can leave a lasting impact on students’ academic experiences as well as faculty members’ perceptions of their workplace. Some students have reported feeling a sense of unease or even fear when alone in the theater or adjacent areas. Faculty members have expressed mixed feelings, with some embracing the paranormal as an intriguing aspect of Speedway High’s legacy, while others find it unsettling.


The haunting of Speedway High School’s theater stage by a ghostly Chinese dragon remains a mysterious phenomenon that continues to captivate and intrigue all who hear its story. While there is no concrete evidence to explain this haunting, ongoing research efforts and paranormal investigations contribute to our understanding of this eerie presence. The impact on students and faculty members highlights the psychological effects of sharing a space with such supernatural phenomena.

As Speedway High School embraces its haunted reputation, the story of the ghostly Chinese dragon lives on, perpetuating curiosity and fascination among all who pass through its doors.