“The Eerie Enigma: Haunted Glanis Hotel in Anaconda”

By Bob •  Updated: 12/31/23 •  4 min read

The Eerie Enigma: Haunted Glanis Hotel in Anaconda


Nestled in the heart of Anaconda, Montana, lies a historic building with a spine-chilling reputation – the Glanis Hotel. This once-stately establishment now stands as an enigma, shrouded in tales of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena. From whispers in the hallways to apparitions roaming its rooms, the haunted Glanis Hotel has become a paranormal hotspot. In this blog post, we will delve into the eerie history and mysterious happenings at this renowned location.

History of the Glanis Hotel

The Glanis Hotel traces its origins back to the early 1900s when it was constructed as a luxurious accommodation for weary travelers passing through Anaconda. Designed by renowned architect Charles S. Haire, this majestic building boasted intricate detailing and modern amenities that were ahead of its time.

Beyond its architectural magnificence, the hotel holds significant historical importance for Anaconda. It served as a hub for prominent individuals visiting during the mining boom era and witnessed countless celebratory events over the years.

Tales of Ghostly Encounters at the Glanis Hotel

As dusk settles over Anaconda and darkness cloaks the streets, peculiar events unfold within the walls of the Glanis Hotel. Numerous reports detail spine-tingling encounters with apparitions and unexplainable activities that defy logical explanation.

Guests and staff have shared chilling stories of disembodied footsteps echoing through deserted hallways when all seemed quiet. Some claim to have seen shadowy figures darting from room to room or felt an icy presence brush against them in empty corridors.

These experiences have left many pondering what supernatural forces linger within this historic establishment.

Urban Legends Surrounding the Glanis Hotel

Alongside verified testimonies, numerous unverified stories and rumors have circulated about haunting incidents at the Glanis Hotel. Though these tales add to the intrigue, it is essential to analyze and debunk popular myths surrounding this haunted location.

One popular legend involves a mysterious guest who checked into Room 313 one stormy night and was never seen again. Locals believe that the spirit of this unfortunate guest haunts the room, seeking solace for eternity. However, thorough investigations have failed to corroborate these claims.

Investigation and Documentation of Hauntings at the Glanis Hotel

Driven by curiosity, paranormal investigators have flocked to the Glanis Hotel in hopes of capturing evidence of its haunting. Through modern technology such as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorders and high-resolution cameras, they have attempted to document supernatural encounters.

Some investigators claim to have captured eerie voices on their audio devices or recorded inexplicable movements through their lenses. While skeptics argue that these findings can be easily dismissed as mere coincidence or technical glitches, others firmly believe in their authenticity.

Possible Explanations for the Hauntings

Numerous theories attempt to explain the reported hauntings at the Glanis Hotel. One possibility lies in its medical history – it is speculated that tragic events within its walls may have imprinted residual energy. Additionally, guests’ psychological factors can influence their perception and experience of paranormal phenomena.

While these explanations offer plausible insights into the haunting mystery, none can definitively prove or disprove its existence.

Impact on Local Tourism and Community

The chilling reputation of the Glanis Hotel has not gone unnoticed by ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts from near and far. This influx of visitors seeking supernatural experiences has had a significant impact on local tourism in Anaconda. The city has embraced its haunted reputation as a unique selling point, drawing curious travelers intrigued by ghostly encounters.

However, not everyone in Anaconda shares this enthusiasm for embracing the hotel’s haunted status. Some locals dismiss it as mere superstition while others fear potential negative implications for the city’s image.


The haunted Glanis Hotel in Anaconda remains an unsolved mystery, captivating the imaginations of those who dare to explore its eerie halls. With a rich history, spine-chilling tales, and unverified urban legends, this location has become a magnet for paranormal investigators craving a glimpse into the unknown.

While skeptics question the validity of haunting claims, the Glanis Hotel continues to captivate and intrigue visitors from around the world. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there can be no denying that this historic establishment holds an enduring allure – an enigma that may never be fully explained.