Exploring Alabama’s Most Haunted Places: A Guide To The Scariest Spooky Sites

By Bob •  Updated: 01/29/23 •  11 min read

Are you ready to explore the spookiest, scariest spots in Alabama?

From eerie abandoned buildings to haunted cemeteries with dark secrets hidden beneath the tombs, you’ll discover that Alabama has no shortage of places for a good ghost story.

With this guide, you can experience some of the most spine-tingling places in the state and learn about their mysterious paranormal history.

So if it’s a supernatural adventure you’re looking for, come along as we uncover some of Alabama’s most haunted locations!

Haunted Places In Alabama

1. Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. The iron furnaces were built in 1882 and were used up until 1971. It’s believed that a gruesome accident occurred there when a worker named James “Slag” Wormwood was caught by a belt and pulled into the furnace, leaving him burned alive. His ghost is said to still haunt the site today. Other spirits reported onsite include those of former workers who died of smoke inhalation as well as a young girl who apparently drowned in an old reservoir basin nearby. There are also reports of strange lights, disembodied screams, and other paranormal activity at Sloss Furnaces.

The attraction offers year-round guided tours so visitors can learn more about its history and experience any supernatural occurrences they may encounter while exploring the grounds. Visitors are also encouraged to take part in paranormal investigations with local investigators if they’re brave enough! For additional information or to book tickets for one of their many events, visit www.slossfurnaces.com/.

2. Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay

Fort Morgan is a historic masonry star fort located in Mobile Bay, Alabama. It was built between 1819 and 1834 to guard the entrance of Mobile Bay from attack. During its time as an active military base, it served as a prison for both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War, furthering its claim to being one of the most haunted places in the South.

The stories behind Fort Morgan’s haunting range from tragic tales of death and loss during battle to encounters with apparitions walking through empty rooms or on top of walls late at night. Even more chilling are accounts of disembodied voices echoing through hallways or strange noises coming from abandoned tunnels beneath the ground. The ghostly presence has been felt by many who have ventured inside this aging fortress — some even believe that they’ve seen General Robert E Lee himself roaming around!

Today, visitors can explore Fort Morgan’s rich history by taking part in guided tours offered year-round by local historians: these include nighttime lantern tours designed specifically for paranormal enthusiasts looking for a good scare (please note that reservations are required). For more information about visiting Fort Morgan, please visit their website at http://www.fort-morgan.org/.

3. Sturdivant Hall, Selma

Sturdivant Hall is a historic mansion located in Selma, Alabama that has been standing since 1856. It was originally built by William Rufus Sturdivant as his family home and plantation. The property includes the main house, outbuildings, and a cemetery on the grounds.

The Sturdivants were an affluent family who enjoyed the luxury of their estate until tragedy struck when two members of the family died within weeks of each other in 1863 due to yellow fever. This event left a dark mark on the home’s history and supposedly caused it to become haunted by ghosts from this time period. Witnesses have reported seeing strange shapes moving around inside and outside of the hall, hearing footsteps coming from empty rooms, feeling cold spots throughout the estate even when there is no air conditioning running, encountering apparitions dressed in mid-1800s clothing wandering around at night, lights flickering mysteriously on their own accord during stormy weather or full moons, among many other supernatural phenomena.

Today visitors can take tours of Sturdivant Hall led by knowledgeable guides who provide insight into its long history while also sharing stories about its ghostly residents! For more information please visit https://www.sturdivanthallmuseumselmaalabamausa1856org/.

4. Tutwiler Hotel, Birmingham

The Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the south. The hotel was built back in 1914 and has had numerous reports of hauntings throughout its history. Some of the reported paranormal activity includes strange noises, doors slamming shut, apparitions appearing and disappearing suddenly, objects moving on their own, disembodied voices heard by guests, and full-body apparitions spotted wandering through the halls.

It is believed that some of these spirits are former residents or staff members who were killed during a fire at the hotel in 1925; other ghosts may include those from an old jailhouse which once stood nearby. There have also been reports that Confederate soldiers from Civil War days still patrol this historic building’s corridors.

If you’re interested in experiencing this haunted location for yourself then you can book a stay at The Tutwiler Hotel – they offer luxurious accommodations as well as private ghost tours! For more information about booking your stay at The Tutwiler Hotel please visit their website: https://www.thetutwilerhotel.com/

5. Gaineswood Plantation House, Demopolis

Gaineswood Plantation House is one of the most haunted locations in Demopolis, Alabama. Built between 1843 and 1861 by General Nathan Bryan Whitfield, it has a long history of paranormal activity which includes reports of ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices and strange sensations. Visitors have reported feeling cold spots throughout the house as well as hearing unexplained footsteps and seeing shadowy figures.

The plantation itself was built upon an ancient Indian burial ground which may account for some of the paranormal phenomena that takes place here. In addition to this, historical records suggest that at least two people died inside the mansion during its construction.

Visitors can take guided tours through Gaineswood on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm or by appointment Monday through Friday 9am-4pm (closed major holidays). The cost for a tour is $6 per person with children under 5 admitted free. For more information about visiting Gaineswood Plantation House visit their website at http://www.gaineswoodplantationhouse.com/ .

6. Fort Mims Massacre Site, Tensaw River Delta

The Fort Mims Massacre Site is located on the Tensaw River Delta in Baldwin County, Alabama. It was here in 1813 that a historic clash between Native Americans and local settlers took place. The event became known as the Fort Mims Massacre, and its history still reverberates today with tales of hauntings and ghostly sightings at the site.

On August 30th of 1813, a force of several hundred Creek Indians attacked Fort Mims — a fortification built by local settlers to protect themselves from attack — killing over 400 people including women and children. The massacre was one of many battles fought during what would become known as the Creek Indian War (or Red Stick War) which pitted white settlers against Native Americans who had been displaced from their native lands due to encroaching settlements.

Today, visitors to this somber location can explore an interpretive center which has been erected near where the fort once stood; it features artifacts such as musket balls, arrowheads and other items found at the site along with detailed descriptions about what happened there centuries ago. There have also been reports that some visitors have experienced paranormal activity while visiting this spot; whether or not these stories are true remains unknown but they sure make for an interesting visit! For more information on visiting this historic location or to learn more about its haunted past please visit https://www.alapark.com/fort-mims-massacre-site

7. Bluff Hall Mansion, Eufaula

Bluff Hall Mansion, located in Eufaula, Alabama is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former resident. The house was originally built for William Lowndes Yancey in 1859 and has been standing ever since. It’s believed that Yancey’s spirit still haunts the mansion to this day after he passed away from tuberculosis in 1863.

Witnesses have reported seeing lights flickering on and off throughout the home, as well as hearing strange noises coming from inside its walls. Some people also claim to have seen figures walking around outside of Bluff Hall at night or heard disembodied voices talking without anyone being there.

The paranormal activity may be due to some of the tragedies that occurred within its walls such as suicides or even murders during its time as an inn back in the late 1800s. In addition, many soldiers were treated here during the Civil War which could explain why so many spirits are said to linger here today.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bluff Hall Mansion’s haunted history or would like information on visiting it yourself, please visit their website: http://www.bluffhallmansionalabama.com/

8. Woerner-Rizk House (Old Cahaba), Marion Junction

The Woerner-Rizk House, also known as Old Cahaba, is a historic plantation house located in Marion Junction, Alabama. Built around 1835 by John and Elizabeth Woerner, this two-story frame Greek Revival style home has been the site of many reported hauntings throughout its long history.

Local legend claims that one of the former owners had died in a tragic accident on the property and his ghost continues to roam the grounds even today. Another story recounts how slaves were once killed on this land during a slave revolt and their spirits still linger here as well. Visitors have reported other strange occurrences such as cold spots, phantom voices echoing through hallways and doors opening and closing on their own accord.

The house is now owned by private individuals who are not open for tours or visits but if you’re interested in learning more about its haunted past there is an active Facebook page where people share stories about their experiences at Old Cahaba: https://www.facebook.com/OldCahaba/.

9. Old Bryce Hospital Cemetery Tuscaloosa

The Old Bryce Hospital Cemetery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state. Located on University Boulevard, this cemetery holds many secrets from its long and tragic past.

Constructed in 1861 as an asylum for Confederate soldiers suffering from mental illness, the hospital named after Dr. Peter Bryce soon became a place of despair and tragedy. The facility was overcrowded with patients who were often subjected to cruel treatments such as electroshock therapy and lobotomies. In addition, many patients died due to inadequate medical care or neglectful staff members. Over time, thousands of bodies were buried at the site without being properly identified or marked gravesites – leaving behind a legacy of unanswered questions about those who perished there.

Today, visitors report feeling a strong presence while walking around the cemetery grounds – particularly during twilight hours when darkness blankets the area like a shroud over forgotten souls seeking solace among their peers . Some say that they have heard disembodied voices whispering inaudible words into their ears while others claim to have seen apparitions walking between gravestones or hovering near them before vanishing into thin air .

Those brave enough may visit Old Bryce Hospital Cemetery for themselves; however it is advised that you do so with caution and respect for both those living and deceased who still remain here today . For more information please contact: Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports Commission (205)-391-9200 http://www.visittuscaloosaalabamausa com/

10. Confederate Memorial Park Montevallo

The Confederate Memorial Park in Montevallo, Alabama has a haunted history that dates back to the Civil War. During the war, Union and Confederate troops were garrisoned at various locations throughout Montevallo. One such location was what would later become known as the Confederate Memorial Park. It is said that during this time, many of those who died in battle still haunt this area today.

There have been numerous reports of strange sightings and occurrences at this park by visitors over the years. People have reported hearing ghostly voices whispering through the trees or feeling an icy chill while walking along its trails. Others claim they saw spectral soldiers marching across field or heard muffled sounds coming from behind old tombstones scattered around the grounds. Some say they’ve even seen apparitions of former soldiers standing guard over their gravesites late at night!

If you’d like to experience some of these spooky stories for yourself, then consider visiting this historic spot located just outside downtown Montevallo on US-31 South near Five Points Road (also known as County Road 469). For more information about events held here throughout the year please visit http://www.confederatememorialparkmontevalloalabamausa .com/.