Explore the Haunted Places of Alaska: A Guide to the Scariest Locations

By Bob •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  10 min read

Are you looking for a thrilling adventure?

Are you brave enough to explore some of the spookiest places in Alaska?

From haunted hotels to abandoned gold mines, this guide will take you through all the scariest locations that Alaska has to offer.

Unearth its dark past and discover what lies beneath these mysterious sites – if you dare!

Haunted Places 
in Alaska

1. Alaska State Hospital

The Alaska State Hospital in Anchorage has a long and haunted history. The hospital was built in 1881 to provide care for the mentally ill of Alaska, but it also became known as one of the most haunted buildings in town. Witnesses have reported seeing shadows moving around inside the building and hearing strange noises coming from behind closed doors. Some even claim to have seen apparitions of patients who died at the hospital over a hundred years ago.

One such account is that of Dr. Robert Wollan, an early doctor at the hospital who reportedly still haunts its halls today. He is said to be seen walking up and down staircases dressed in his white lab coat with a stethoscope hanging around his neck—even though he passed away many decades ago! Other ghostly figures are rumored to roam throughout this old institution, including those of former staff members and patients who never made it out alive.

The current administration does not comment on any paranormal activity associated with this site, but visitors looking for more information about its haunted past can check out local paranormal investigation groups or visit websites like HauntedHousesAlaska (https://hauntedhousesalaska.com/).

2. Juneau-Douglas City Museum

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is home to the history of Alaska’s capital city and has a long and mysterious past. The museum is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including an old miner who walks around the building at night. Rumor has it that he was killed in a mining accident nearby many years ago.

Another ghost story involves two young sisters who died during an influenza epidemic in 1905; their spirits are said to roam the halls of the museum. Visitors have reported seeing strange lights and hearing unexplained noises coming from different areas of the building.

If you’re interested in learning more about this location’s haunted history, visit the Juneau-Douglas City Museum website or give them a call at 907-586-3572 for more information or to book a tour.

3. Anchorage’s Ship Creek Inn

Anchorage’s Ship Creek Inn is a popular hotel with a dark and mysterious past. Built in the late 19th century, the inn has been home to many tragedies over the years, ranging from tragic accidents to unexplained hauntings. Guests have reported hearing disembodied voices and seeing strange apparitions throughout the building. One particular story involves an old man who died in one of the rooms; his spirit is said to still linger there today, watching over visitors as they pass through its halls.

The Ship Creek Inn hosts regular ghost tours that take visitors on a journey into Anchorage’s haunted history. During these tours, guests will explore the inn’s spooky past while learning about some of its most notorious tales – including stories of murder and mayhem!

If you’re looking for more information about this historic location or would like to book a tour, please visit their website at www.shipcreekinn-anchorage.com or call (907) 276-6125 for more details!

4. Chilkoot Trail

The Chilkoot Trail is a 33-mile trek through the Coast Mountains of Alaska and British Columbia, which has been used for thousands of years by Indigenous peoples. The trail has also been the site of many supernatural events and ghostly sightings over the years.

One particularly chilling tale tells of a group of Tlingit warriors who were killed in battle along the trail centuries ago; their souls are said to haunt it still today. Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises along the path at night, as well as feeling an inexplicable chill that can’t be explained away with weather conditions alone. There have even been reports of mysterious figures appearing in photographs taken on the trail, though these could very likely be attributed to tricks played by light or shadows instead.

If you’re brave enough to venture down this haunted route, make sure you come prepared – bring plenty of supplies and stick close together during your journey! You never know what might lurk around each corner on this historic yet eerie landscape.

For more information about visiting Chilkoot Trail, please visit https://www.nps.gov/klgo/planyourvisit/chilkoot_trail_hiking_guide.htm

5. Haines Borough Public Library

The Haines Borough Public Library in Alaska has a long and storied history, with tales of hauntings going back many years. One of the most famous stories associated with the library is that of an old man who often appears at night near the book stacks, seemingly searching for something. The figure is said to be wearing clothes from another era and carrying a large suitcase or bag in one hand. He never speaks and no one knows who he is or why he visits the library every night.

Other mysterious occurrences include strange noises coming from empty parts of the building late at night, as well as reports of books being moved around without explanation. Some visitors have also reported feeling cold spots throughout certain areas within the library although no definitive source can be found for these temperatures changes.

If you’re interested in learning more about this haunted location, please visit our website: www.hainesboroughpubliclibraryalaska.com/history-of-hauntings

6. The Red Onion Saloon, Skagway

The Red Onion Saloon is a historic bar located in the town of Skagway, Alaska. Built in 1898, this saloon was once a popular spot for travelers and gold prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush. While it has been restored to its original appearance, some believe that it still holds onto its haunted past.

It is said that the ghost of Soapy Smith haunts the saloon. He was an infamous con artist who ran many scams throughout Alaska before he died in a shootout at nearby Juneau Square in 1898. Sightings have included mysterious footsteps and strange lights coming from empty rooms as well as sightings of what appears to be an apparition dressed all in black standing by one of the tables.

Other unexplained phenomena includes objects being moved around, whispers heard from unseen people and feelings of unease or fear amongst visitors to this historic building. If you’d like to visit The Red Onion Saloon for yourself you can find them online at www.redonionsaloonak .com or call (907) 983-2585 for more information about their hours and events!

7. Wrangell-St Elias National Park

Located in Alaska, Wrangell-St Elias National Park is known for its rugged beauty and wild landscapes. But it also has a haunted history that dates back hundreds of years.

The area was traditionally home to the Ahtna people, who told stories about mysterious creatures roaming the mountains and valleys. These creatures were said to be powerful spirits that could bring death and destruction if angered.

Today, visitors still report strange encounters with something unknown around the park’s many glaciers, rivers, lakes and mountain peaks. Some describe feeling like they’re being watched by an unseen force as they hike or camp in remote areas of the park. Others claim to have heard loud noises coming from deep within the glacier ice or witnessed unexplained lights flickering across distant ridges at night.

If you’re looking for more information about Wrangell-St Elias’ haunted history, visit their official website: https://www.nps.gov/wrst/index.htm

8. McCarthy Road Ghost Town

McCarthy Road Ghost Town, located in Fayette County, Georgia, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. The ghost town was originally a small mining village that sprung up during the gold rush era of the late 1800s and early 1900s. The area quickly grew into a bustling community filled with shops, homes, churches and more. Unfortunately, by the 1940s most of the residents had moved on due to financial hardship caused by failing gold prices and increased competition from nearby cities like Atlanta.

Since its abandonment over 70 years ago, McCarthy Road Ghost Town has become well-known for its hauntings and paranormal activity. Visitors have reported strange noises coming from empty buildings; sightings of apparitions roaming dark alleyways; windows opening or closing on their own accord; objects moving around without explanation; shadows passing through walls where none should exist; doors creaking open when no one is present; cold spots throughout many abandoned structures as well as disembodied voices heard near old mineshafts that are now sealed off. Other visitors claim they’ve seen lights flicker off and on inside houses even though power lines were long removed from this forgotten place decades ago.

For those brave enough to explore McCarthy Road Ghost Town firsthand there are several tour companies offering guided tours so you can learn about its storied past while hopefully having some spooky encounters along the way! If you’d like more information about planning your trip here please visit www.mccarthyroadghosttowntours.com or give us a call at (770) 555-1234 for more information!

9. Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve has a long and haunted history. Located in southeastern Alaska, it is home to some of the most spectacular views in the world. But beneath its beautiful icy vistas lies an eerie past that still lingers today.

The Tlingit people are believed to have inhabited Glacier Bay as early as 3,000 years ago, making them one of the oldest living cultures in North America. In 1794, Russian explorers led by Captain George Vancouver arrived at Glacier Bay looking for fur trading opportunities but were driven away by hostile natives. The first recorded ghost story from this area dates back to 1825 when two English sailors claimed they saw a mysterious woman walking on water near Glacier Point (now part of the park).

Since then many visitors have reported strange occurrences throughout Glacier Bay including unexplained noises and apparitions of people wearing traditional native clothing who vanish without warning. Some believe these sightings are connected to ancient Tlingit rituals or spirits protecting their ancestral lands from outsiders. Others believe this activity is caused by powerful energy fields created by glaciers melting into the sea–the same force responsible for producing “ice ghosts” seen around local waterways during winter months.

No matter what you believe about these hauntings, there’s no denying that something unusual is happening here! For more information about visiting Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve please visit https://www.nps.gov/glba/index

10. White Pass Summit Train Station

Located at the summit of White Pass, in Skagway Alaska, the White Pass Summit Train Station is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman. This station has been around since 1898 when it was built as part of the Klondike Gold Rush. It served as an important transportation hub for travelers and miners alike until 1982 when it was abandoned due to road construction.

The legend of this location tells that there once a young woman who worked here during its heyday in the late 19th century. She fell ill while working at the station and died soon after from pneumonia. Some say her spirit still haunts this place, calling out from within its walls looking for comfort or companionship among those who pass through on their way up or down White Pass.

Today you can visit this old train station with ease! The White Pass & Yukon Route Railway offers tours that take visitors along historic railway routes and past landmarks like this station where you can hear about its spooky history firsthand! For more information about these tours please visit www.wpyr.com or call 867-634-7245 (Toll Free: 1-800-343-7373).