Exploring The Most Haunted Places In Florida: A Spooky Adventure!

By Bob •  Updated: 12/21/22 •  11 min read

Are you ready to explore some of the most haunted places in Florida?

If so, strap on your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a spooky adventure.

From eerie cemeteries to mysterious mansions, this Sunshine State has plenty of supernatural sights that will make even the bravest person’s hair stand on end.

Join us as we journey through time, visiting some of the darkest corners and uncovering tales of ghostly encounters, spine-tingling hauntings, creepy legends, and more!

Haunted Places 
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1. St. Augustine Lighthouse

Located in St. Augustine, Florida, the St. Augustine Lighthouse has a dark and haunted past. Built in 1824, the lighthouse was originally constructed to help guide ships through the treacherous waters of Matanzas Bay. But this seemingly innocuous structure held many secrets; it was said that within its walls lurked sinister spirits from centuries-old shipwrecks and battles fought off its coast.

For decades, visitors have reported eerie sightings at the site including ghostly apparitions of Spanish sailors walking around with glowing lanterns and mysterious voices calling out from within the tower walls. Other reports include strange lights being seen coming from inside locked rooms and doors opening on their own accord with no one present to open them.

The legend states that a young woman haunts the lighthouse as well—the daughter of a former keeper who died tragically while living there during an early 19th century storm surge. Visitors claim they can hear her screams echoing throughout the grounds late at night or see her figure standing atop one of its balconies looking out over Matanzas Bay towards what is believed to be home for her long lost family members still searching for her return…

Today you can explore this historic site by taking part in guided tours offered by The St Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum Inc., which also provides educational presentations about maritime history, ghost stories associated with their location, boat rides along nearby waterways and other special events throughout year round! For more information visit their website http://www.staugustinelighthouseandmaritimemuseumincorporated .org/

2. Fort King Street

The fort was built by troops during the Second Seminole War, and it is believed that some of those soldiers still haunt the grounds. Reports of ghostly apparitions have been reported for years at Fort King Street, including sightings of a headless soldier, a woman in white walking near an old cannon, and mysterious voices coming from vacant buildings.

Local legend also tells tales of strange occurrences within the walls of Fort King Street. Some stories say that visitors have heard eerie laughter or seen flickering lights in dark corners despite no power sources being present. Others report feelings of being watched or even touched by unseen forces while inside its walls.

Today, Fort King Street stands as a historic landmark and museum open to visitors year-round. Tours are available on Sundays to provide more information about its spooky past as well as artifacts found within its boundaries over time. For more information visit http://www.ocalaflhistoricalsocietymuseumincorporatederbystreetfortkingstreetocalflorida/

3. The May-Stringer House Museum

The May-Stringer House Museum in Brooksville, Florida has a haunted history that dates back to the late 1800s. The house was built in 1897 by William May and his wife Sarah Stringer on land donated by her father. It is believed that Sarah still haunts the house today due to her untimely death at just 32 years old of unknown causes. Visitors have reported hearing footsteps and strange noises as well as feeling an eerie presence throughout the house.

The May-Stringer House Museum offers tours of the property where visitors can learn about its fascinating past and find out more about its haunting legacy. They also host events such as ghost hunts, paranormal investigations, lectures, and special programs for groups or organizations who wish to explore this spooky site further.

For more information about visiting or hosting events at the May-Stringer House Museum please visit their website: http://www.maystringermuseum.org/.

4. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, located in Central Florida, is known as the “Psychic Capital of the World”. It was founded in 1875 and has a long history of hauntings and paranormal activity. The camp was started by George Colby, who experienced an otherworldly vision instructing him to develop a spiritualist community. Since then, Cassadaga has been home to mediums, psychics, healers and spirit channelers from all over the world.

The area around Cassadaga is said to be haunted by its founder George Colby himself. His spirit can allegedly be seen wandering through town on foggy nights when it rains or snows. Other ghosts are also said to inhabit this area; one story tells of a woman wearing white who appears near Lake Helen where she died in an accident many years ago.

Other supernatural phenomena reported at Cassadaga include mysterious lights moving across the lake at night and strange noises coming from empty buildings around the camp. There have also been sightings of ghostly figures appearing out of nowhere during seances held within some of the camp’s historic buildings.

If you’re looking for more information about Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp or would like to book a tour or attend an event there, please visit their website: http://www.cassadagaspiritualistcampmeetingassociationincorporatedoffloridausaorg/

5. Old Spanish Quarantine Hospital, Key West

The Old Spanish Quarantine Hospital in Key West, Florida is said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who died there. It was built in 1821 as a quarantine hospital for immigrants and sailors coming into port. During its time of operation, it served as a place for treating yellow fever and other contagious diseases. The building has seen many deaths over the years, with some estimates putting it around 3,000 people or more.

The ghostly activity reported at this location ranges from disembodied voices to shadowy figures moving through the hallways. There have also been reports of objects being moved without explanation and strange cold spots throughout the building. People have even experienced intense feelings of sadness while visiting this location that cannot be explained away.

Today, visitors can explore this historic site on guided tours led by members of the Key West Historical Society (https://www.kwahs.org/). As part of their Haunted History Tour series they offer nighttime tours to explore not only the history but also hear about some spooky stories connected with this old hospital!

6. The Devil’s Millhopper State Park

Located in Gainesville, Florida, Devil’s Millhopper State Park is a geological site and state park known for its 120-foot deep sinkhole. While the area has been a popular tourist destination since the late 1800s, it has also become well-known for its haunted history.

The legend behind this location states that during the Civil War era, a man named Joseph Letchworth used to live on top of the hill near what is now referred to as Devil’s Millhopper. One night while Joseph was walking around his property he encountered an old witch who cursed him with eternal damnation if he ever stepped foot inside her home at Devil’s Millhopper. Terrified by this curse, Joseph never set foot inside or even near the millhopper again until one fateful day when he accidentally stumbled upon it while hunting deer in the nearby woods. He immediately ran away and soon died of fright shortly after returning home from his hunting trip—some say due to being cursed by that same witch years before.

Today visitors claim they can still hear voices coming from within the depths of Devil’s Millhopper and some have even seen strange lights flickering about within its walls after dark! Whether these tales are true or not remains unknown but one thing is certain: The Devil’s Millhopper State Park continues to be shrouded in mystery and intrigue!

If you would like more information on visiting this unique state park please visit their website at https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/Devils-Millhooper

7. Henry Flagler’s Whitehall Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida

Henry Flagler’s Whitehall Mansion has a long and haunted history. Built in 1902, the mansion was used as Flagler’s winter home until his death in 1913. It is now part of The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum which offers tours, events, and other activities for visitors to explore its history.

The mansion is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Florida due to several reported hauntings over the years. Visitors have claimed to experience strange phenomena including feelings of being watched or touched by an unseen presence, hearing disembodied voices or whispers, seeing figures move about the grounds at night, feeling a cold chill when entering certain parts of the building, and even full-bodied apparitions standing near windows on upper floors! These reports have led many paranormal investigators and ghost hunters to visit Whitehall Mansion over the years looking for more evidence of otherworldly activity.

If you are interested in learning more about this historic location and its eerie past, please visit www.flaglermuseum.us for tour information or call (561) 655-2833 with any questions you may have!

8. Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail in Marianna, FL

Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is a historic site located in Marianna, Florida. The bridge was built in 1852 and spans the Chipola River. It’s said to be one of the most haunted places in Jackson County, with some believing it to be the home of a ghostly apparition known as The Lady In White. According to legend, she appears at night searching for her lost husband or children who died during an epidemic that struck this area during the Civil War era.

Visitors have reported hearing unusual noises coming from inside the bridge and seeing eerie lights near its entrance. Some visitors also claim to have seen strange figures walking around the bridge late at night or early morning hours when no one else is around. There are also reports of mysterious footsteps heard echoing through Bellamy Bridge ever since it was built over 150 years ago!

The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail offers guided tours throughout October so you can experience all these creepy phenomena first-hand! For more information about their tour times and prices, please visit http://www.visitjacksoncountyflorida/bellamybridgeheritage/.

9. Two Eggs Train Trestle Road near Chipley, Florida

The Two Eggs Train Trestle Road near Chipley, Florida is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who was killed in an accident there. According to legend, the man was walking along the tracks one night when he was struck and killed by an oncoming train. His spirit has been seen wandering around the area ever since then. Some people have even reported hearing his screams late at night.

The trestle road is located just off Highway 90 (also known as State Road 20) in Washington County, Florida; it’s not far from Interstate 10 and close to Chipley. The site itself consists of two bridges that span over a large body of water, connected with a dirt road between them.

Visitors report feeling uneasy while driving through this area due to its dark history and eerie atmosphere—especially after dark! There are no official tours or attractions at this location but some locals may be willing to tell you more about its spooky past if you ask around town for details about “the ghost bridge” or “the haunting of Two Eggs Train Trestle Road”

If you’d like more information about this location, check out VisitWashingtonCountyFL’s website: https://www.visitwashingtoncountyflorida.com/places/two-eggs-train-trestle/.

10 .The Don Cesar Hotel in St Pete Beach

Built in 1928 by Thomas Rowe, the hotel was originally known as “The Pink Palace of the Gulf” due to its unique pink color. The hotel quickly became a hotspot for celebrities, politicians, and royalty during the roaring twenties.

However, one of the most famous guests at Don Cesar was an unknown woman who died in Room 332 on October 10th 1936. It is believed that this mysterious woman still haunts the hotel today – her presence can be felt by some guests who stay in Room 332 or other areas of the building.

There are also rumors that two ghosts inhabit room 335, which were once occupied by mobsters who used it as their hideout from police raids during Prohibition era- alcohol smuggling operations . According to legend, these spirits never left even after death!

In addition to these ghostly inhabitants, many people have reported seeing shadows moving around inside Don Cesar Hotel’s halls and strange noises coming from different parts of the building at night. Some locals even claim that they’ve seen apparitions walking through walls late into evening hours!

If you would like more information about the haunted history of Don Cesar Hotel or if you would like to book a stay there, you can visit their website (www.doncesarhotelstpetebeachfl) or call them at +1 727 360 1881