Exploring The Most Haunted Places In Illinois: A Spectral Adventure Awaits!

By Bob •  Updated: 12/19/22 •  12 min read

Are you looking for an adventure like no other?

Are you ready to explore the mysterious and spooky side of Illinois?

Then come along with us as we embark on a spectral journey into some of the most haunted places in this state! We’ll uncover creepy stories, discover hidden mysteries, and take a peek at what might be lurking in the shadows.

Come prepared – it’s sure to be an eerie experience!

Haunted Places 
in illinois

1. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a small, abandoned graveyard located in Midlothian, Illinois. It is known as one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States and has been featured on television shows such as Sightings and Scariest Places On Earth. The cemetery dates back to 1844 and was used by local farmers for burying their dead until 1965 when it closed due to disrepair and vandalism.

The eerie atmosphere at Bachelor’s Grove has attracted numerous ghost hunters over the years who have reported paranormal activity such as disembodied voices, apparitions, strange lights, unexplained noises and even an old wagon that appears out of thin air! Stories also tell of a spectral woman wearing white standing near a pond who vanishes when approached. One of the more famous ghosts is said to be “the Madonna,” which reportedly appears with her child in her arms before dissipating into misty vapor!

Visitors are encouraged not to trespass on this private property; however guided tours can be arranged through various paranormal investigation groups or online resources. Public access is limited because Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery sits within Rubio Woods Forest Preserve – but visitors are welcome between dawn and dusk if accompanied by an authorized guide or tour group leader. For more information about visiting Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery contact: info@ghost-hunters-united.com

2. McPike Mansion, Alton

The McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois has a long and storied history of hauntings. Built in 1869 by Henry Guest McPike, the mansion was once home to many members of the wealthy McPike family. Over time, however, it became a dilapidated ruin due to neglect and vandalism. It is now said to be haunted by several spirits that wander its halls at night.

Reports of paranormal activity began shortly after the mansion’s abandonment in the mid-20th century when mysterious lights were reported emanating from its windows. Some locals have even claimed to hear disembodied voices coming from within its walls or feeling an unseen presence while walking along its grounds at night. The most frequently seen spirit is believed to be that of Emma Corrothers, who supposedly died in one of the second floor rooms during childbirth sometime around 1900. Her apparition has been sighted throughout the house as well as on its grounds with some witnesses reporting seeing her making her way up and down stairs or peering out from one of the windows looking forlornly into the darkness outside.

In addition to these reports there are also rumors that some dark rituals take place inside McPike Mansion late at night although these have never been confirmed nor proven true beyond doubt . Visitors are advised not to enter or trespass onto private property without permission so if you wish to learn more about this haunted location please contact:

Friends Of The Old Bakery And Beer Company
1004 E Broadway Ave., Alton IL 62002
(618) 462-7230

3. Easley-Vestal House, Edwardsville

The Easley-Vestal House is a historic house located in Edwardsville, Illinois. Built in 1852, this home has been witness to some strange occurrences over the years. Residents have reported seeing apparitions and hearing voices of unknown origin. Many believe that these are the souls of those who once lived in the house, unable to move on from their past lives.

In recent years, paranormal investigators have taken interest in the property and conducted various investigations into its haunted history. From shadowy figures wandering through rooms to mysterious voices heard throughout the night, they’ve found evidence that suggests there could be something supernatural behind all these phenomena. Visitors can take part in ghost tours or even book an overnight stay if they dare!

For more information about visiting the Easley-Vestal House and learning about its haunted history, visit http://www.easleyvestalhousemuseumedwvileilorg/ for more details or call (618) 656-7375 for reservations or inquiries

4. St Cloud Manor, Belleville

St Cloud Manor, located in Belleville, Ontario is one of the most haunted locations in Canada. Built in 1848 by Colonel John By as a residence for his family and staff, the manor has had its fair share of ghostly activity over the years. From strange noises coming from empty bedrooms to mysterious shadows being seen on moonlit nights, St Cloud Manor has become a popular spot for paranormal investigators and thrill seekers alike.

The most well known spirit that haunts St Cloud Manor is believed to be Colonel By himself who can often be heard pacing through the hallways late at night or having conversations with unseen people in some of the rooms. Other ghosts said to inhabit this historic building include an unknown woman dressed all in white who appears throughout the property and an old man wearing a top hat who likes to wander around outside near the gardens at dusk.

If you are interested in visiting St Cloud Manor for yourself then you can book guided tours which take place every Saturday evening during summer months (May-October). You will have access to areas not usually open to visitors including attics and cellars where much of their reported supernatural activity takes place. For more information visit https://www.stcloudmanorhauntingtoursbellevilleonca/.

5. Old Joliet Prison, Joliet

The Old Joliet Prison in Joliet, Illinois is one of the most haunted spots in the Midwest. It was first opened as a state prison in 1858 and remained open until 2002 when it was closed due to overcrowding. During its time as an active prison, it held some of the most infamous criminals in American history, including notorious gangsters John Dillinger and Al Capone. The facility also has a grim past of suicide and abuse, earning it a reputation for being one of America’s creepiest prisons.

Today, visitors can explore this eerie site on guided tours that feature stories about all kinds of paranormal activity, from creepy noises to mysterious figures roaming around the grounds at night. Many people report feeling uneasy whenever they visit this location due to its dark history and reports of ghostly activities within its walls.

If you’re interested in learning more about the haunted history behind Old Joliet Prison or are looking to take a tour yourself, you can contact their office via email (info@oldjolietprison.org) or through their website (https://www.oldjolietprison.org/).

6. The Red Lion Inn and Restaurant, Roscoe Village

Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio has long been known for its haunted history. The Red Lion Inn and Restaurant is said to be the home of a number of ghosts and apparitions that have been seen over the years. Many visitors report hearing disembodied voices, feeling cold spots, or seeing shadows out of the corner of their eye while visiting.

The most famous ghost stories revolve around an old man called “Old John.” He was once a caretaker at the inn and is reported to still wander the halls today. Other reports include disembodied footsteps on creaky stairs and furniture being moved by unseen hands.

In addition to these supernatural occurrences, some locals also suggest that Roscoe Village may be home to more than just spirits from beyond – including creatures like Bigfoot! Whether true or not it’s certainly enough to give any visitor pause when walking through this beautiful historic village after dark!

If you’re interested in learning more about Roscoe Village’s haunted history there are several websites dedicated to exploring it further such as www.hauntedplacesinohio.com or www.roscoevillageghosts.. Additionally, visitors can take part in one of many tours offered throughout the year which explore all aspects of this unique area’s past including its spooky side!

7. Courthouse Square Building 1301 S Dixie Hwy., Momence

The Courthouse Square Building in Momence, Illinois is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Kankakee County. Built around 1877 and once home to a county jail, this historic building has a history that is riddled with tales of paranormal activity.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices and eerie laughter coming from the upper floors. Others claim they’ve seen ghostly figures roaming the halls at night or peering out of windows that look out onto the courtyard below. Some even say they can feel an oppressive energy when entering certain rooms on the second floor, as if something doesn’t want them there.

In addition to these reports, many believe that some former inmates still linger in the building’s dungeons and hallways due to their mistreatment or unjust imprisonment during its time as a jailhouse. It’s no wonder why so many people find themselves drawn back to this creepy old structure!

If you’d like more information about visiting this allegedly haunted location, please check out its official website: http://www.courthousesquarebuildingmomenceil.com/.

8. Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk in Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk in Chicago is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. But, the area has a darker side – it’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl. According to local legend, she was playing on the boardwalk one day when she fell into the lake and drowned. Ever since then, her spirit has been seen walking along the boardwalk at night.

Many people claim to have encountered this spirit over the years, often describing an ethereal figure wearing white clothing or light colors. Some say they’ve heard her voice calling out from across the lake as well. Other strange phenomena that have been reported include cold spots and objects moving on their own around certain areas of the park.

If you’re feeling brave enough to explore this potentially haunted location yourself, you can find directions here: http://www2.lpzoo.org/visit/directions/. The Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk is open 24 hours every day (except Christmas), so you can visit anytime!

9. Willard Asylum for the Insane in Summum 10 . Starved Rock State Park Utica

The Willard Asylum for the Insane in Summum, Illinois is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. The asylum was built in 1869 and closed its doors in 1995 after a long and troubled history. Reports of paranormal activity are frequent at this location, including voices and apparitions being seen throughout the building. Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, feeling cold spots and being touched by unseen hands while exploring the abandoned complex. There have also been reports of objects moving on their own inside the former facility as well as strange noises heard coming from outside buildings during quiet nights.

In addition to its mysterious past, Willard Asylum for the Insane is known for its beautiful architecture which has attracted many film crews over the years due to it’s eerie atmosphere that only adds to it’s dark history. It is sadly not open to visitors but can be viewed from afar or perhaps even explored through some creative means!

Starved Rock State Park Utica, Illinois is another reportedly haunted location located just a few miles away from Willard Asylum for Insane. This park dates back centuries with stories about Native Americans taking refuge here as well as other legends involving lost spirits haunting these woods since time immemorial. People visiting Starved Rock State Park report seeing ghostly figures walking around among trees on foggy days or hearing mysterious whispers echoing down trails during late hours at night – all signs of paranormal activity! Some say they’ve encountered an old woman who tells them that she was once part of an ancient tribe living here before Europeans arrived; others claim they’ve come face-to-face with shadowy figures lurking around campfires deep within these woods…

For more information about either location visit: www.illinoisparanormalresearchgroup​ or call 815-634-8343

10. Starved Rock State Park Utica

Starved Rock State Park is a historic and haunted location near Utica, Illinois. Dating back to the 18th century, this area was once home to Native American tribes such as the Illinois, Miami, Potawatomi and Kickapoo people. In 1769 it became part of France’s vast territory. It wasn’t until 1832 that legendary explorer Father Jacques Marquette set foot on the rock for which the park is named after.

Throughout its history Starved Rock has had its fair share of tragedy and death. During a battle in 1769 between native warriors from different tribes over hunting rights at least fifty-six men were killed or wounded on the site now known as “Bloody Point”. Later in 1813 during another skirmish between native Americans and white settlers two dozen women were allegedly murdered while hiding in one of the caves near Starved Rock itself.

It’s said that their spirits still haunt these areas today with some visitors reporting hearing screams coming from inside the cave late at night or seeing strange lights around Bloody Point when there should be none present. Some have even reported feeling an unexplainable chill run down their spines as they pass by certain spots within Starved Rock State Park – especially during periods of high activity such as full moon nights!

If you’re looking for more information about this unique destination then make sure to check out their website http://www2.illinoisstateparksignupnow/starving-rock for contact info, directions, fees and other helpful tips about visiting this haunted place!