Exploring The Spooky Haunted Places In Kansas: Are You Brave Enough?

By Bob •  Updated: 01/07/23 •  9 min read

Are you brave enough to explore some of the spookiest, most haunted places in Kansas?

From eerie abandoned houses to ghostly graveyards, there are plenty of mysterious locations that will give you chills!

Whether it’s the feeling of being watched or a sense of unease as soon as you enter, these haunted spots have something special about them.

So if you’re looking for an adventure and want to experience some real-life paranormal activity, read on and find out more about exploring the creepy sites in Kansas!

Haunted Places in kansas

1. Stull Cemetery

The Stull Cemetery, located in the small town of Stull, Kansas is said to be one of the seven “gateways to Hell”. According to local legend, supernatural activity and devil worship occur at this location due to its long history of hauntings. For generations, stories have been told about a steeple that appears on top of an abandoned church during certain nights or Satanic symbols appearing near gravesites. During Halloween night in particular, many visitors flock here looking for paranormal experiences such as bizarre rituals and ghostly apparitions.

Despite the popularity surrounding it, the Stull Cemetery has been closed off by the town’s government since 1995 due to public safety concerns and vandalism caused by thrill-seeking tourists. It is now illegal for anyone but family members of those buried there to visit the cemetery after dark according to local ordinance. As a result, any reports or inquiries about what goes on at this mysterious site should be directed towards law enforcement officials instead of attempting an unauthorized entry into it yourself.

If you would like more information regarding Stull Cemetery or other haunted locations in Kansas please contact your local historical society or visit https://www.hauntedplacesinamerica.com/stull-cemetery/.

3. Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant

Located in De Soto, Kansas, the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant has a dark and haunted history. The plant was originally built by the United States Army in 1942 as part of an effort to produce ammunition for World War II. It remained operational until 1992 when it was decommissioned and eventually abandoned in 1998.

The ghostly tales of this location have been told for decades now, with some believing that many soldiers still haunt its grounds due to their untimely deaths during accidents or experiments conducted onsite. Many visitors report hearing strange noises from within the walls or feeling a chilling presence while walking through the corridors. Some even claim they’ve seen apparitions roaming around at night!

If you are interested in exploring the spooky history of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant yourself, there is no direct contact information available but there are plenty of resources online about visiting this location including websites such as Abandoned America and Uncovering Kansas which provide detailed directions on how to visit safely.

4. Sauer Castle, Kansas City

Sauer Castle, located in Kansas City, is a spooky and mysterious place with an extensive haunted history. The castle was built by German immigrant August Sauer in 1871 as a family residence. It stands today as one of the most haunted locations in Kansas City due to its dark past and tragic events that have occurred within these walls over the years.

The castle has been home to several reputed paranormal activities such as odd noises, ghostly figures, and strange smells. Witnesses also claim to have seen apparitions of former inhabitants including old man Sauer himself walking around the grounds at night. Locals even report hearing distant screams coming from inside the castle on particularly still nights.

Today, visitors can take tours of Sauer Castle throughout October for an exciting glimpse into its supernatural history (tours run from 7-10pm). For more information about tour dates or booking private investigations please visit www.sauercastlekcmo.com

5. Old Hays House, Council Grove

The Old Hays House in Council Grove, Kansas is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl. According to local legends, the spirit is believed to be that of a young girl who was killed in an accident on the property in the late 19th century. It’s said that her ghost haunts the house, often appearing as a small child playing with toys or running around in circles. Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects move around on their own throughout the house.

The history of this location dates back much further than just this haunting tale though – it was originally built by William Becknell and his family back in 1847 after they settled there from Missouri. The home served as an inn for travelers passing through town until it closed down during WWI when automobiles began replacing horse-drawn carriages as a primary mode of travel. After WWII, it reopened its doors and continued operating up until 2012 when it eventually shut down due to financial difficulties. Today, visitors can still tour what remains of this once bustling inn while learning about its rich history along with some spooky tales thrown into the mix!

If you’d like to learn more about Old Hays House or take part in one of their guided tours please visit: http://www.oldhayshousemuseumkansas.com/ for more information

6. Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site

Located in Pleasanton, Kansas, Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site is a Civil War site with a spooky history. Visitors to the site can explore the battlefield and learn about the Battle of Mine Creek which was fought on October 25th 1864. The battle resulted in one of the largest cavalry engagements of the war and saw Confederate forces defeated by Union soldiers.

In addition to its historical significance, many visitors flock to this location for its haunted history. Reports vary from strange noises coming from deep within the forest to sightings of ghostly figures roaming around at night. Some even claim that they have seen entire squadrons riding across hills during full moon nights!

For those interested in learning more about this eerie place or visiting it themselves, please visit http://www.kansastravel.org/minecreekbattlefieldstatehistoricsite .

7. Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery

The Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in Kansas is a somber reminder of the past. Established in 1867, it was initially used as a burial site for Union soldiers who died during the Civil War. Since then, thousands of veterans from all branches of service have been laid to rest here.

This cemetery has a long and haunted history that dates back to its creation. Many visitors have reported strange sightings and sensations while visiting the gravesites, including eerie sounds coming from nowhere, apparitions appearing out of thin air, and cold spots throughout the grounds. It’s said that some ghosts still wander these hallowed grounds today seeking justice or peace after their untimely deaths on battlefields far away.

While there are no organized tours at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions, visitors are allowed access during daylight hours with proper respect being given to those interred there. For more information about Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery or any other national cemeteries operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, visit https://www.cem.va

8. The Rope Loft Inn in Lawrence

The Rope Loft Inn in Lawrence, Massachusetts is said to be haunted by former guests who never checked out. The inn was built in 1791 and has been home to many a traveler over the years. It’s believed that one particular ghost of an 18th century sailor still lingers here. Guests have reported encountering him on the stairs, walking through the halls at night, or even sitting in the lobby while no one else is there.

Some say that he isn’t alone either; there are rumors of other spirits who roam around this historic building as well! There have been reports of strange noises coming from empty rooms, shadowy figures lurking in hallways, and objects moving about on their own accord.

If you want to experience for yourself what others have encountered at The Rope Loft Inn then why not book a stay? While it can be quite spooky at times (especially if you believe all these tales), it can also be quite relaxing too – perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet away from civilization! For more information visit www.ropeloftinnlawrencema.com

9. The Eldridge Hotel, Lawrence

The Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas is said to be the site of many paranormal activity. This historic hotel was built in 1857 and has been a mainstay of downtown Lawrence ever since. It has seen plenty of famous guests including President Theodore Roosevelt, but it’s the ghostly inhabitants that have earned it a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Kansas.

The hauntings at The Eldridge Hotel began long before it became a hotel, when Native American tribes fought against settlers for control over the region during Bleeding Kansas in 1856. Witnesses claim that they still hear war cries echoing throughout its halls even today.

Tales abound about strange voices and noises coming from empty rooms late at night, cold spots around certain areas within the hotel, and mysterious figures seen walking through walls or vanishing into thin air. There are also reports of an apparition dressed as an old-fashioned bellhop lingering near the stairwells on some nights.

Many visitors come to stay overnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of some supernatural activity; however, if you do choose to spend time here please respect both living and dead occupants alike! For more information regarding this legendary destination visit their website: https://www.eldridgehotel.com/

10. Liberty Hall in Lawrence

Liberty Hall is a historic building with a haunted history that dates back to the days of the old west. This building was built in 1856 and served as a home for many early Lawrence citizens. It also served as a courthouse and jail during its time.

The most famous ghost story associated with Liberty Hall is that of Judge John Doy, who died in 1865 after suffering from tuberculosis. Legend has it that his spirit can still be seen walking through the halls of this historic building at night, searching for his beloved wife Mary Ann who passed away shortly before him.

Other ghosts reported to haunt Liberty Hall include an Indian chief known as “Little Bear” and several children playing in the hallways near where their parents were hanged during the Civil War era. People have also claimed to hear strange noises coming from within Liberty Hall’s walls, such as screams or laughter when no one else is around.

Today, visitors can explore this historic building on guided tours offered by The Watkins Museum of History located inside Liberty Hall (1047 Massachusetts St., Lawrence KS 66044). For more information visit www.watkinsmuseumkyhistorycenter.org or call 785-841-4109 ext #3