Exploring The Most Haunted Places in Kentucky: Are You Brave Enough To Visit?

By Bob •  Updated: 12/08/22 •  11 min read

Are you ready for a spine-tingling adventure?

If so, then why not explore some of the most haunted places in Kentucky?

From eerie mansions to spooky cemeteries, there are plenty of locations that are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Are you brave enough to take on these supernatural spots and uncover their secrets? Read on and find out!

Haunted Places 
in kentucky

1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned sanitarium that has a long and haunted history. Built in 1910 as a small tuberculosis hospital, it grew to become the largest and most advanced TB treatment facility of its time. During the height of its operations in the 1940s and 1950s, over 63,000 patients passed through its doors. It has been reported that at least 6,000 people died during their stay here due to the highly contagious disease.

Due to advances in medicine and treatments for tuberculosis becoming more widely available throughout the 1960s, Waverly Hills was eventually closed down by 1981 leaving only memories – both good and bad – behind. Since then it has become one of America’s most famous haunted locations with many reports of paranormal activity occurring within its walls including ghosts being seen walking around inside or out on balconies; phantom screams coming from random areas; cold spots; feelings of presence; doors opening and closing on their own volition; objects moving without explanation; strange noises such as singing or laughter heard when no one else is present etc…

Waverly Hills Sanatorium offers guided day tours (by appointment) seven days a week all year round as well as overnight stays for those brave enough to take up residence there! For more information about this historic location visit www.therealwaverlyhills.com

2. Old Taylor House

The Old Taylor House is a historic home in Lebanon, Ohio with a haunted history. It was built in 1814 and has been said to be haunted since its construction. The house was originally owned by the Taylor family until it was purchased by the Fiske family who operated it as an inn for many years.

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity at the Old Taylor House throughout the years. Witnesses claim to have seen apparitions of people dressed in period clothing walking around inside the house and even heard disembodied voices talking or singing from within its walls. There are also rumors that objects move on their own and strange noises can be heard coming from empty rooms late at night.

The Old Taylor House is now open to visitors as part of a historical museum dedicated to preserving local history and culture. Tours are available during business hours where guests can learn about not only the fascinating history of this location but also some of its spookier tales! For more information, visit their website at http://www.taylorhousemuseumohio.org/.

3. Mary Todd Lincoln House

The Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington, Kentucky is a National Historic Landmark that has been around since the 18th century. The house was once home to Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln and their children, before they moved to Washington D.C. in 1861 when President Abraham Lincoln took office. The house is now a museum dedicated to the Lincolns’ life story featuring many of their original artifacts from the time period when they lived there as well as other historical items related to them.

However, some visitors have also reported paranormal activity at this location over the years due to its long history and multiple tragedies associated with it, such as Mary Todd’s depression after her husband’s death or her son Willie’s untimely passing while living in the White House (he died of typhoid fever). Witnesses have reportedly heard strange noises coming from empty rooms throughout the house and had unexplained feelings of sadness while there; others claim they’ve seen apparitions walking through hallways or heard voices whispering late at night.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House provides guided tours during open hours for those interested in learning more about its haunted history or having an up close look at this historic site. For more information visit www.mtlhouse.org/haunted-history/.

4. White Castle Hotel

White Castle Hotel is located in St. Augustine, Florida and has a history of hauntings that date back to its early days as a boarding house for Union soldiers during the Civil War. The building was constructed in 1857 and originally served as a jail for Confederate deserters before being converted into an inn around 1864.

In recent years, ghost hunters have reported strange occurrences such as cold spots, disembodied voices, and shadowy figures while visiting White Castle Hotel. The hotel’s most famous resident is believed to be a former soldier named “John”. His apparition has been seen by many visitors walking up and down the halls at night. Other reports include objects moving on their own accord and unexplainable noises coming from certain rooms late at night.

If you’re interested in learning more about White Castle Hotel or booking your stay there, please visit their website: https://whitecastlehotelstaugustineflorida.com/

5. Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Located in Wilder, Kentucky, Bobby Mackey’s Music World is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. The building was originally built as a slaughterhouse and has had a dark history since its opening. It has been linked to murder, suicide, Satanic worship and even portals to hell!

The hauntings began when Pearl Bryan, an unwed pregnant girl from Cincinnati went missing after traveling to nearby Fort Thomas for an abortion. Her body was found decapitated near the building that would later become Bobby Mackey’s Music World and her head was never recovered.

Since then there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity occurring within the walls of this location including disembodied voices, cold spots throughout the property and objects moving on their own accord. Shadow figures have also been seen walking through walls and doors slamming shut without warning. There are accounts of people feeling like they are being watched by unseen eyes or touched by unseen hands while visiting Bobby Mackey’s Music World .

Bobby Mackey’s offers tours throughout each week where visitors can explore this haunted location with experienced guides who know all about its spooky past! To find out more information on tour dates and times please visit www.bobbymackeysmusicworldtours.com or call 859-261- 6200

6. Stoner Creek Inn

Located in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky, Stoner Creek Inn has a long and haunted history. According to local legend, it first opened as an inn in 1828 and was used during the Civil War as a hospital for Confederate soldiers. Witnesses claim that they have seen apparitions of both Union and Confederate soldiers wandering the halls at night.

The hotel is also said to be home to a few permanent supernatural residents including an old man who wears overalls on the third floor and a little girl in Victorian age clothing who can reportedly be heard singing throughout the building.

If you are feeling brave enough, you can take part in one of their ghost tours or even stay overnight! For more information about events or booking rooms please visit http://www.stonercreekinnky.com/.

7. The Porter House Museum

The Porter House Museum in Oxford, Ohio is said to be one of the most haunted places in all of Ohio. The house was originally built by William and Catharine Porter in 1837, and it has seen much tragedy throughout its history. In the 1920s the house served as a funeral home for many years before being turned into a museum dedicated to preserving local history. Many visitors have reported hearing strange noises and seeing unexplainable shadows moving around inside the museum late at night – leading some people to believe that it is haunted by spirits from beyond this realm.

Aside from hauntings, there are also reports of objects mysteriously moving around on their own accord inside the house! It’s unknown if these occurrences are related to paranormal activity or simply due to an old drafty building with creaky floorboards…but either way they still make for fascinating stories! Visitors can take part in ghost tours during select times which will provide further insight into the mysteries surrounding this location.

For those interested in learning more about The Porter House Museum, please visit their website: http://www.porterhousemuseumoxfordohio.org/

8. Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo is a popular tourist attraction located in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been around since 1969 and features over 1,200 animals from all corners of the globe. But what some visitors may not know is that the zoo also has an eerie past filled with tales of ghostly sightings and strange occurrences.

One of the most well-known tales dates back to 1974 when two zookeepers reported seeing a phantom figure wandering around the Reptile House late at night. Witnesses described a man wearing old-fashioned clothing and carrying a lantern, but no one knows who this mysterious figure could be or why he was there. Other stories tell of lights turning on and off by themselves in buildings throughout the grounds as well as unexplained noises coming from areas where nothing should be making noise at all!

Although these incidents are unsettling, they don’t seem to have deterred visitors from visiting this beloved zoo – if anything it’s made it more popular than ever before! If you’re feeling brave enough to experience one of America’s oldest zoos for yourself then head over to www.louisvillezoo.org for more information about hours and admission prices!

9. The Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is known for its haunted history. It has been called one of the most haunted hotels in America by many paranormal investigators. People have reported hearing unexplained noises and seeing apparitions throughout the hotel. Some have even seen a ghostly figure of a woman wearing white walking through the halls at night.

One story that is frequently told about The Brown Hotel involves an elevator operator who died on duty when it was first built back in 1923. His spirit reportedly still roams around the hotel to this day, pushing buttons and opening doors without anyone touching them! Other people claim to have heard strange voices coming from empty rooms or feeling a presence watching them while they walk down hallways late at night.

If you’re brave enough to stay overnight at The Brown Hotel, there are several packages available that offer special activities like ghost tours and paranormal investigations for adventurous guests! You can also take part in their Haunted Tea Party events where you can learn more about the hotel’s spooky past over tea, snacks, and stories from local experts on the supernatural world.

If you want more information on The Brown Hotel’s haunted history or would like to book a stay there, visit their website here: https://www.brownhotel.com/

10. Perryville Battlefield

Located in Perryville, Kentucky, the Perryville Battlefield is a site of great historical and haunted significance. On October 8th 1862 the Battle of Perryville took place here, claimed to be one of the largest Civil War battles fought in the state. It was here that over 7600 Union and Confederate troops lost their lives, making it one of the bloodiest battlefields ever seen.

As such, many people believe that this area is haunted by those who died there. Reports from visitors include hearing unexplained voices or finding strange marks on tents late at night as if someone had been sleeping inside them. Other sightings include apparitions walking through campfires or soldiers appearing out of nowhere just before battle began again – only to disappear moments later when no one else was around to witness it. Some even claim they can hear gunshots echoing across the landscape despite no guns being fired in years!

The Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site offers guided tours throughout the year so you can learn more about its history and experience some ghostly encounters firsthand! For more information visit their website at https://perryvillearbattlefield-kystateparkscom/or call (502) 878-1864 for reservations or questions.