Explore The Most Haunted Places in Mississippi: Are You Brave Enough?

By Bob •  Updated: 12/13/22 •  10 min read

Are you curious about the most haunted places in Mississippi?

Do you want to explore a state that is full of mysterious and dark stories?

If so, then get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

From haunted cemeteries to abandoned plantations, discover all the frightening tales that lurk within these spooky destinations.

Are you brave enough to face your fears and uncover some of Mississippi’s most spine-tingling secrets?

Haunted Places 
in mississippi

1. Biloxi Lighthouse, Biloxi

Located in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Biloxi Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse that has been standing since 1848. It was built to help guide ships along the Gulf Coast and into the harbor of Biloxi. The lighthouse stands at 90 feet tall and is still active today. However, its past history has left it with an eerie reputation as being haunted by a ghostly sailor from centuries ago who died while working on repairs near the top of the tower.

The story goes that one day during repair work on the light, a young man fell off his ladder and plummeted all the way down to his death at sea below. Ever since then, reports have come in from visitors who claim they’ve heard strange noises emanating from within the structure or seen shadowy figures lingering around it late at night.

The city of Biloxi offers nightly tours of this historic landmark for those wanting to experience its spooky side first hand! For more information about these tours or other attractions nearby, you can visit their website here: https://www.biloxilighthousehistorymuseumandtours.com/.

2. The White House Hotel, Ocean Springs

The White House Hotel in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is said to be haunted by former guests. Built in the early 1900s, this hotel has seen its fair share of paranormal activity. Guests have reported hearing strange noises coming from vacant rooms and being disturbed at night by lights flickering on and off. Others have even claimed to see a mysterious figure roaming the halls late at night!

The most common story told about the White House Hotel is that of a woman who passed away during a stay here many years ago. Her spirit is said to still linger within these walls, walking around late at night as if searching for something she never found in life. Some believe she may be looking for her lost child or loved one who also perished while staying here long ago.

If you’re brave enough to explore this historic location, you can find more information on their website: www.whitehousehotelms.com or call them directly (228) 875-4551

3. McRaven Tour Home, Vicksburg

The McRaven Tour Home in Vicksburg, Mississippi is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Built by General William Barksdale in 1836, this antebellum mansion was used as a hospital during the Civil War and many soldiers died there. It’s believed that their spirits still remain at McRaven today. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises coming from empty rooms, feeling cold spots throughout the house, and even seeing dark figures lurking about.

In addition to its haunted history, McRaven has been featured on several paranormal television shows such as Ghost Adventures and My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera. The home is open for tours every day except Mondays from 9am-4pm with extended hours until 6pm on Saturdays. Visitors can learn more about McRaven’s rich history and perhaps even catch a glimpse of something mysterious! For more information visit www.mcraventourhomevicksburgms.com or call (601) 638-6535

4. Magnolia Hall Plantation & Gardens, Natchez

Located in Natchez, Mississippi, Magnolia Hall Plantation & Gardens is a historic site with a haunted history. Built in 1858 for businessman David Moore and his wife Eliza, the home was eventually passed down to their son William who died in 1914. It is believed that William’s spirit still haunts the grounds of Magnolia Hall. Visitors have reported hearing phantom footsteps and disembodied voices throughout the estate. There have also been sightings of apparitions near the old slave quarters on the property.

Magnolia Hall Plantation & Gardens offers guided tours every day from 10am-4pm as well as ghost hunts hosted by paranormal investigators. The plantation also hosts special events such as Christmas candlelight tours and sunset wine tastings with live music on select evenings during summer months. To learn more about visiting Magnolia Hall or booking private events please visit their website http://magnoliahallplantationandgardensms.com/.

5. Henderson Point Cemetery, Pass Christian

Henderson Point Cemetery in Pass Christian, Mississippi is said to be one of the most haunted spots in the entire state. Dating back to the early 1800s, this cemetery has a long and storied history that includes legends about ghostly apparitions, mysterious figures seen wandering among the graves at night, and unexplained noises heard coming from within its grounds.

One of the most famous tales surrounding Henderson Point Cemetery involves a young girl named Mary who died tragically over 150 years ago. According to legend, visitors have reported seeing her ghostly figure walking around the cemetery late at night as if searching for something or someone. The stories also claim that on some nights her spirit can be heard singing softly throughout the graveyard.

Another popular story tells of an old woman who appears out of nowhere when people enter Henderson Point Cemetery after dark and begins following them until they leave. Legend has it that she is looking for someone she loved but lost many years ago – although no one seems able to explain why she would haunt such a place or what exactly it is that she’s searching for.

For those interested in learning more about Henderson Point Cemetery and its haunted history, there are several websites available with information and photos taken by visitors over time which provide further insight into this unique location: www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2078517/henderson-point-cemetery; www.hauntedplacesinmississippi . com/henderson-point-cemetery; www .msghosts . org / henderson_point_cemetery / index .html

6. Grand Gulf Military Park and Museum, Port Gibson

Located in Port Gibson, Mississippi, Grand Gulf Military Park and Museum is full of haunted history. The site was a major battlefield during the American Civil War and legend has it that many of the soldiers who died there never left. Visitors to the park have reported hearing voices from beyond or feeling a chill run through them as they traverse the grounds. Even more eerie is an old cemetery located at one end of the park which is said to be home to several ghosts who haunt its visitors with strange occurrences like sudden drops in temperature or unexplained noises.

In addition to its supernatural activity, Grand Gulf Military Park also serves as an educational center for those interested in learning about civil war tactics and strategy. It features re-enactments of battles fought on-site along with artifacts such as cannons, rifles, and swords that were used by both Confederate and Union forces during their conflict here. For those looking for a unique experience while visiting this historic location, guided paranormal tours are offered after dark where guests can explore areas most likely to contain supernatural activity while hearing stories about previous hauntings within these hallowed grounds.

For more information visit www.nps.gov/grgu/index

7. Old Capitol Inn and Restaurant, Jackson

The Old Capitol Inn and Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi has a long and storied history – but it’s also rumored to have a haunted past. The building itself was originally constructed as the first state capitol of Mississippi in 1822 and is said to be home to several ghosts.

One of the most active spirits here is known as “the little girl” who appears around the stairwells late at night. Some guests report hearing her laugh or seeing her playing with dolls near the stairs. Another ghostly figure known as “the Colonel” has been spotted walking through the halls – he may be connected with an old Confederate soldier who died while defending his post during battle nearby.

Other strange phenomena experienced around this historic building include cold spots, flickering lights, strange noises, and phantom footsteps throughout its corridors. Guests have reported feeling watched when staying overnight here which can make for quite an unsettling experience!

If you’d like to explore Old Capitol Inn & Restaurant yourself or learn more about its haunted history, visit their website www.oldcapitolinnms.com or give them a call at 601-359-9000 for further information on tours or availability.

8. Charboneau Distillery Ruins at Rodney’s Trace Roadside Park , Rodney

The Charboneau Distillery Ruins at Rodney’s Trace Roadside Park in Rodney, Mississippi harbor a dark and haunted past. Built in the late 1800s by Pierre Charboneau, this distillery was once used to make moonshine during the era of Prohibition. According to local legend, one day while on his way to Memphis with a shipment of moonshine, Pierre encountered a group of federal agents who were intent on seizing his ‘shine and shutting down the operation. In an attempt to escape capture he drove his vehicle straight into the river and drowned himself. His ghost is said to haunt these ruins ever since that fateful night.

Visitors have reported hearing strange noises coming from within the ruins as well as feeling an eerie presence watching them from afar when they are in the area. Others claim to have seen apparitions wandering around amongst the weeds or even heard disembodied voices whispering through walls of crumbling brickwork. Some people say it’s just their imagination playing tricks but whether you believe it or not there is no denying that something mysterious lurks here in these old remains of what was once a thriving business for Pierre Charboneau many years ago!

If you would like more information about this location please visit: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/mississippi/rodney-ms/.

9 .Waverly Mansion at Lake Waverly , Como

This stunningly beautiful mansion located in Lake Waverly, Como was built in the late 1800s and is said to be haunted. The large white building with tall towers looks out over the lake and is surrounded by trees. Reports of strange noises, apparitions, and even objects moving on their own have been reported for years.

Legend has it that a young girl named Elizabeth died tragically at the estate when she fell from one of its balconies during a party many years ago. Some say her ghost still lingers there today as visitors often report feeling an uneasy presence or hearing unexplained noises coming from within the walls of the house.

The mansion is privately owned but can be rented for events such as weddings or parties if interested parties contact owner Chris McGill (chrismcgill@gmail). More information about renting and tours can also be found online at 9waverlymansionatlakewaverlycomo.com

10 .Vaughn-Sargent House in North Carrollton

The Vaughn-Sargent House in North Carrollton is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Mississippi. According to local lore, the house was built on top of a Civil War battlefield, and many have reported hearing ghostly noises echoing through its rooms. Locals also tell tales of seeing apparitions inside and outside the house, believing them to be soldiers from long ago who were killed during battles fought here. Many people claim that these spirits are still searching for their lost loved ones or trying to find their way back home.

There are numerous reports about strange occurrences happening within the walls of this old plantation estate as well; some say they’ve heard unexplained knocks at night, while others believe they’ve seen lights flickering throughout the property late at night. There have even been reports of furniture moving by itself and mysterious voices speaking out from seemingly empty rooms!

If you’re looking for more information about this allegedly haunted location, there is an official website dedicated to it: https://www.vaughnsargenthousems.com/. Here you can read up on all sorts of stories and legends surrounding the Vaughn-Sargent House as well as view pictures taken inside the building over time that may offer further insight into its spooky history!