Exploring The Most Haunted Places In Montana: Are You Brave Enough?

By Bob •  Updated: 01/06/23 •  10 min read

Are you ready to be spooked?

If so, take a journey through Montana and explore some of the most haunted places in the state.

From eerie graveyards to abandoned buildings with mysterious pasts, these locations are sure to send a chill down your spine.

So if you’re looking for an adventure that will keep you up at night, then this is the perfect article for you!

Haunted Places in Montana

1. Big Mountain Ski Lodge, Whitefish

The Big Mountain Ski Lodge in Whitefish, Montana has a long and storied history of hauntings. Dating back to the late 1800s, this historic lodge is said to be home to at least one ghostly apparition. Many employees have reported seeing a woman with long hair wearing a white dress standing near the front entrance or wandering around on the grounds. Some believe this spirit could be connected to an old mining accident that occurred nearby and resulted in many fatalities.

In addition, guests have heard unexplained noises coming from their rooms and some claim they’ve seen objects moving on their own accord. Others report feeling uncomfortable as if someone was watching them while sleeping or walking through certain areas of the lodge’s property. The most common sighting involves a man who appears only briefly before vanishing into thin air without explanation.

The management of Big Mountain Ski Lodge does not officially recognize these stories but many visitors continue to share their experiences online on various forums dedicated to paranormal activity reports across America. For more information about Big Mountain Ski Lodge please visit www.bigmountainlodgemontana.com

2. Alder Gulch Cemetery, Virginia City

The Alder Gulch Cemetery in Virginia City, Montana is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state. It has a long and haunted history, as it was once home to some of the victims of a bloody conflict that took place during Montana’s gold rush era. In 1863, two groups of miners fought over ownership rights to a gold-rich valley known as Alder Gulch. The battle resulted in multiple deaths on both sides and many bodies were hastily buried at what is now known as Alder Gulch Cemetery.

Since then, visitors have reported strange occurrences within the cemetery grounds such as unexplained noises and lights, shadows that move around on their own accord and disembodied voices speaking from within its walls. People who have visited this location claim to have seen apparitions walking among the graves or heard eerie music emanating from unknown sources. Some believe these are restless spirits from those killed during this violent confrontation so long ago returning to haunt the area they called home when alive.

If you’re interested in learning more about this intriguing spot or planing your own visit please contact:
Virginia City Tourism Board – 406-843-5303 | info@virginiacitymt-nvca.org | http://www.virginiacitymt-nvca/attractions/aldergulchcemetery

3. Old Montana State Prison Museum, Deer Lodge

The Old Montana State Prison Museum in Deer Lodge is one of the most haunted locations in Montana. Built in 1871, this abandoned prison has a dark past that still lingers today. It served as home to some of the state’s most notorious criminals, including infamous outlaw Kid Curry and cannibal Alfred Packer.

Today, visitors can take guided tours through the museum and explore its many eerie corners. The tour guides all have stories about strange occurrences throughout the old prison walls: mysterious noises, unexplained shadows, and even full apparitions are said to appear from time to time on these grounds. Paranormal investigators have also noted high levels of paranormal activity within the walls of this former correctional facility.

For those looking for a truly spooky experience, there are special “ghost walks” offered during select nights throughout October and November each year at the Old Montana State Prison Museum. Visitors can learn more about its history and witness first-hand accounts of supernatural phenomena while exploring rooms such as Death Row or solitary confinement cells — if they dare!

For more information on visiting hours or upcoming events associated with The Old Montana State Prison Museum please visit their website: http://mtprisonmuseumdeerlodgeprisonshrineandhistorycenterinc/indexhtml

4. The Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton

The Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton has a long and storied history, including tales of hauntings. Originally built in 1882, the hotel was located at the base of Montana’s Rocky Mountains by the Missouri River. It quickly became a popular spot for travelers, traders and riverboat captains to stay while they were on their way up or downriver. Over its many years of operation, it saw its fair share of tragedy such as deaths due to illness and accidents.

Today, stories still circulate about ghostly activity within the building’s walls dating back decades ago. According to legend, visitors have reported hearing disembodied footsteps coming from empty hallways or having an eerie feeling like someone is watching them from one of the windows. Some even claim that objects move around in certain rooms on their own accord!

If you’re interested in learning more about this mysterious location and would like to take a tour inside The Grand Union Hotel for yourself, please contact info@grandunionhotelmt.com or visit www.grandunionhotelmt.com for further information!

5. Fort Missoula Museum, Missoula

The Fort Missoula Museum in Missoula, Montana is said to be haunted by the spirits of soldiers who served at the fort during its time as an active military base. Witnesses have reported hearing disembodied voices and footsteps, feeling a presence watching them, and occasionally seeing hooded figures walking through the museum’s hallways. One story says that a soldier once died at the fort after being accidentally shot while on guard duty; his spirit has allegedly been seen wandering around the grounds ever since.

The Fort Missoula Museum is located at 3400 Captain Rawn Way in Missoula, Montana and is open from 10am-4pm Wednesday through Saturday. It offers tours of its historic buildings which are filled with artifacts from its history as an army post from 1895-1944 – including uniforms, weapons, tools used for maintaining military vehicles, photographs of life on base during those years, and more! For more information about visiting or learning about this fascinating piece of history you can visit their website: http://www.fortmissoulamuseum.org/.

6. Mackay Mansion in Butte

The Mackay Mansion in Butte, Montana is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. Built in 1879 by William Clark, a wealthy miner and entrepreneur, it was home to his family for many years. The mansion has been featured on paranormal shows like GhostAdventures and My Ghost Story.

Many strange events have occurred here over the years, from unexplained noises and lights turning on and off to objects being moved around or thrown across rooms with no explanation as to how they got there. Some visitors even claim that they’ve seen apparitions walking through the halls of the mansion or heard disembodied voices coming from different parts of the house when no one else is present.

The Mackay Mansion also has an interesting history that may explain why it’s so haunted today. In 1905, a fire destroyed much of its interior but luckily no one was hurt; however, during World War II it housed Japanese-American families who had been relocated from their homes due to internment policies at the time – some say that this could be what caused all these hauntings now as spirits still linger here after such a traumatic event happened within its walls.

If you’re interested in visiting this historic site yourself – or perhaps just doing some ghost hunting – you can contact them via their website: http://mackaymansionandmuseumofmontanahistory.org/.

7. Daly Mansion in Hamilton

The Daly Mansion in Hamilton, Montana is one of the state’s most haunted locations. Built by mining and railroad tycoon Marcus Daly in 1888 as a wedding present for his beloved wife Katherine, it has been at the center of numerous paranormal experiences since its construction.

Legend tells that Marcus was so enamored with Katherine that he spared no expense when constructing her home, even importing marble from Italy just to satisfy her request. It is believed that the mansion still holds the spirit of Katherine who can be seen roaming around the halls at night. Other spirits have been spotted within the walls including a little girl and an old man dressed in period clothing. Witnesses claim to have heard disembodied voices and footsteps throughout their visits as well as feeling cold spots emanating from certain rooms.

If you are interested in exploring this location further or want more information on its haunted history you can visit www.dalymansionmuseumandgardensmtcom or call (406)363-6004 for more information about tours and special events hosted here throughout year!

8. Bannack Ghost Town near Dillon

Bannack Ghost Town was once a thriving gold mining town in southwestern Montana, founded in 1862. It quickly became the first territorial capital of Montana and flourished until its decline in the late 1800s when most of its citizens moved on to find more riches elsewhere. Today it is known as one of the best-preserved ghost towns in America, with many original buildings still standing.

The history of Bannack Ghost Town is filled with tales of hauntings and paranormal activity that have been reported by visitors over the years. One such story involves an old hotel from which an apparition has been seen looking out from one window after dark; another tells how a young girl’s laughter can be heard coming from inside an abandoned house at night. Other stories include sightings of strange lights moving around the cemetery and sounds emanating from empty cabins or buildings where no one else should be present.

Visitors to this unique site can take guided tours led by local historians who will provide insight into both its past and present, including details about its haunted history. For additional information about visiting Bannack Ghost Town, please visit http://www.bannackmontana.com/.

9. Glanis Hotel in Anaconda

Glanis Hotel in Anaconda, Montana is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state. The building was originally built as a bank for miners and settlers who traveled through town during the late 1800s. In 1934, it was converted into a hotel, but its dark past has never been forgotten.

Many visitors have reported hearing strange noises coming from inside the walls of Glanis Hotel and feeling sudden drops in temperature throughout their stay. Some have even encountered ghostly figures roaming around the halls or seen objects moving on their own accord. It’s believed that these supernatural occurrences are due to a number of tragic events that occurred within these walls over 150 years ago.

The hotel has stayed open despite its spooky reputation and continues to host guests today. If you’re brave enough to spend an overnight at this historic landmark, you can find more information about rates and availability on their website: www.glanishotelmtnanaacona .

10. Marysville Historical Society and Library

The Marysville Historical Society and Library is located in the small town of Marysville, Ohio. It has an intriguing history that includes a few paranormal tales. One such story involves a ghostly figure who appears to be searching for something on the library’s second floor balcony. Other strange events reported by visitors include unexplained noises and flickering lights.

Another local legend states that the old library building was once home to a secret society known as “The Guardians.” According to stories, members of this group could be seen gathering at night in the basement of the old library building – dressed all in black with hooded cloaks covering their faces – performing some kind of ritual ceremony involving candles and incantations.

Though these stories may sound far-fetched, they remain part of Marysville’s long and haunted history – one which continues to draw curious visitors from near and far alike! To learn more about Marysville’s past, you can visit their website: www.marysvillenewspaperarchiveproject.com or contact them directly at (937) 645-4048 or marysvillenews@gmail.com