Exploring The Most Haunted Places In New Mexico: A Frightening Adventure Awaits

By Bob •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  11 min read

Are you looking for a spine-tingling adventure?

If so, New Mexico may just be the perfect destination.

From centuries old churches to abandoned mining towns and even allegedly haunted highways, this southwestern state is teeming with stories of paranormal activity.

Join us as we explore some of the most haunted places in New Mexico! Prepare yourself – a frightening journey awaits!

Haunted Places in New Mexico

1. Old Hidalgo County Jail, Lordsburg

The Old Hidalgo County Jail in Lordsburg, New Mexico is said to be haunted by the spirits of inmates who were executed or died there. It was built in 1915 and was used as a jail until 1967 when it closed down due to overcrowding. The building still stands today and is open for ghost tours where visitors can experience strange phenomena such as hearing footsteps, seeing shadows, feeling cold spots, and even seeing apparitions.

One particularly eerie tale involves a former inmate named Sam Ketchum who supposedly haunts the location with his presence. He was an outlaw from Arizona who was arrested after robbing a stagecoach near Hachita in 1899. He ended up being sentenced to life imprisonment at the old Hidalgo County Jail but managed to escape shortly thereafter only to be recaptured soon after and sent back. In 1910 he tried again – this time successfully escaping from the prison walls – but he was shot dead by pursuing lawmen before he could make good on his escape plan. His spirit is said to haunt the jail grounds ever since then, leaving behind mysterious footprints as evidence of its presence!

Those interested in experiencing these paranormal activities first-hand can contact Ghost Hunt Tours of Southern New Mexico at 575-313-8300 or visit their website www.ghosthunttoursnm.com/.

2. The Gadsden Hotel, Douglas

The Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona has a long and haunted history. Built in 1907, the hotel was once a popular spot for travelers to rest their weary heads after a day of exploration. However, this all changed when it became the site of two gruesome murders that shocked the small town. It is said that since then, sightings of ghostly figures have been reported by guests staying at the hotel.

One such sighting was made by an employee who claims to have seen an elderly woman wearing a white dress walking down one of the hallways near her room late one night. Others claim they’ve heard strange noises coming from rooms that were supposedly empty and others still report seeing shadows moving around in certain areas throughout the night. Even today people claim to experience eerie feelings while visiting or staying at The Gadsden Hotel – some even say they are touched or grabbed suddenly by unseen forces as if something within is trying desperately to reach out!

If you’d like more information about The Gadsden Hotel’s haunted past you can visit their website: http://www.gadsdenhotelaz.com/haunted-history/. You won’t be able to book a room here but you can certainly explore its spooky past!

3. La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa, Santa Fe

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa is a historic hotel located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. This stunning property is said to be one of the most haunted sites in the city and has been featured on numerous ghost-hunting shows. The property was originally built as a private home for two sisters, Julia Staab and her husband Abraham, who moved from Germany to America in 1872.

The story goes that after living at La Posada for many years, Julia died suddenly from an illness in 1898. After her death, employees and guests began noticing strange occurrences around the property including sightings of Julia’s apparition walking through the halls and gardens late at night. In addition to this spirit activity, visitors have reported other paranormal events such as mysterious noises coming from empty rooms and furniture moving on its own accord.

Today it is still possible to experience some of these supernatural phenomena with popular ghost tours being offered throughout each year by local tour companies like ETT Tours. Visitors can also explore La Posada’s rich history during their stay by visiting its museum which contains artifacts dating back hundreds of years or simply taking part in any number of special activities such as yoga classes or spa treatments within its tranquil grounds! For more information about staying overnight or booking a tour visit www.laposadadesantaferesortandspa/ghost-tours/.

4. Castaneda Hotel, Las Vegas

The Castaneda Hotel in Las Vegas is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the city. It has a long and storied history, full of strange occurrences that have been experienced by guests and staff alike. The most prevalent ghostly presence is said to be that of a young woman wearing white lingerie who roams the halls late at night. Other sightings include shadowy figures, doors opening and closing on their own, disembodied laughter, and unexplained footsteps.

Originally built as an apartment building during World War II for military personnel stationed nearby, it was later converted into a hotel in 1965. Since then it has seen its share of tragedies including several deaths from tragic accidents or mysterious circumstances over the years. All these events are believed to have left behind lingering energy that continues to haunt Castaneda today.

If you’re looking for more information about this location’s haunted history or would like to book a stay there yourself, you can visit their website: http://www.castanedahotelvegasnv.com/.

5. KiMo Theatre, Albuquerque

The KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico has become known for its haunted history. Built in 1927 by the Boller Brothers, this historic theatre is said to be home to a number of ghosts that haunt the building. One of the most well-known ghost stories at the KiMo Theatre involves a young boy who roams around the lobby before performances. Another popular story tells of an apparition that appears during shows in one of the boxes near center stage and then vanishes when approached.

In addition to these legends, there have been reports over the years of strange noises coming from offstage and occasional sightings of mysterious figures walking throughout the theatre late at night or early in morning hours when no staff are present. Many say they can feel something watching them while exploring backstage areas as well as feeling like someone is pushing them down hallways or squeezing their hand while walking up staircases.

Though much remains unknown about why these spirits linger, visitors can still experience what makes this site so special – both alive and dead – through scheduled tours on select days each month and other events hosted by The Friends Of The KiMo Theatre organization (www.kimotickets .org).

6. Fort Craig National Historic Site, Socorro

Fort Craig is a National Historic Site located near Socorro, New Mexico. The fort was established in 1854 to protect settlers in the area from Apache raids. During its time as an active military post, Fort Craig saw numerous battles between Native American tribes and US forces. After it’s decommissioning in 1885, the land was eventually sold off to private owners who used it for livestock grazing until its purchase by the federal government in 1965.

Today, visitors to Fort Craig can explore its haunted history on guided tours of the grounds which cover topics such as hauntings and paranormal activity reported at the fort over the years. Visitors have claimed to experience feelings of being watched or heard voices when no one else is around, while others have reported sightings of shadowy figures and strange lights moving across the landscape after dark. Additionally, some believe that certain areas within Fort Craig are still inhabited by spirits from those who fought here during its days as an active military post.

If you’d like to learn more about Fort Craig’s haunted history or plan a visit yourself, please check out their website: https://www.nps.gov/focr/index.htm

7. Dona Ana County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Office Building, Las Cruces

The Dona Ana County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Office Building in Las Cruces, New Mexico has a long and fascinating history full of hauntings. The building was constructed in 1895 with the intention of representing justice for all the citizens in the area. However, it soon became known for something far more sinister – ghostly sightings that started appearing shortly after its construction began.

Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises coming from within the walls, such as footsteps, doors slamming shut and disembodied voices echoing through empty hallways. Some visitors even reported seeing dark shadows moving around inside rooms that were previously thought to be vacant! Other reports include feelings of uneasiness when entering certain areas or being watched by unseen eyes while walking past specific areas of the courthouse.

One popular theory is that these hauntings are connected to a murder which allegedly took place there many years ago. It is said that a local rancher was slain on one floor during an argument between him and another man who had been accused of stealing his cattle. To this day, some believe his spirit still lingers within the walls searching for justice which never came to fruition during his lifetime.

If you’re feeling brave enough to explore the haunted history at Dona Ana County Courthouse and Sheriff’s Office Building yourself, they offer tours! Their website (http://www2co-donaana-nm-us/courthouse_tours) provides more information about their tour times and prices if you want to take your chance at encountering any paranormal activity here first hand!

8. Lincoln Historic District Ghost Town Ruins, Lincoln County

This historic district in Lincoln County, Nevada is known for its haunted history. The ghost town ruins are a popular draw for visitors due to the stories of paranormal activity that have been reported throughout the years. The old mining camp dates back to 1867 and was once home to hundreds of miners who worked the surrounding area before it fell into decline.

The most famous hauntings at this location include reports of mysterious lights appearing in windows, ghosts appearing on porches, strange noises emanating from abandoned buildings, and an eerie feeling that many experience while visiting the ruins. There are even rumors that some people have seen figures walking around in period clothing!

If you’re looking to explore this spooky spot yourself, there is plenty to do: take a self-guided tour of the grounds or brave one of their nighttime ghost tours by reservation only. Visitors can also check out nearby historical sites such as Fort Churchill State Historic Park and Genoa Courthouse Museum or explore nearby trails filled with wildlife sightings like deer and antelope!

For more information about Lincoln Historic District Ghost Town Ruins please visit https://www.travelnevada.com/listing/lincoln-historic-district/1344/.

9. University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque

The University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who worked as a nurse at the hospital decades ago. It is believed that she took her own life after suffering from depression and heartache, but no one knows for sure. The ghost has been seen walking through hallways and has even been known to turn lights on and off without explanation. Some say that her presence can still be felt throughout the hospital today.

Since its opening in 1959, there have also been multiple sightings of an unknown man wandering around the hospital late at night. Witnesses claim he wears all white clothing with a white cap covering his head, although it’s unclear why he visits or where he comes from. To this day, it remains a mystery as to who this mysterious figure truly is or what his intentions are when visiting UNM Hospital grounds.

If you’d like to learn more about these haunting stories or contact someone regarding them, please visit https://hospitals.unmhealthsystems.org/.

10. San Ignacio Church in El Cerrito

The San Ignacio Church in El Cerrito, California is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the area. It was built around 1883 and has a rich history that dates back to Spanish colonial times. The church is said to have been built on an old cemetery, and many believe that it’s this graveyard that holds the source of its haunting activity. Witnesses have reported hearing mysterious voices and footsteps coming from within its walls, as well as sightings of ghostly figures moving through its hallways.

The church is still active today and hosts various events throughout the year including masses, weddings, funerals, and more. Visitors can also take part in guided tours or attend services at the church if they so choose. Those who are interested may contact them via their website at https://www.sanignaciocerrito-ca-org for further information about scheduling a visit or attending an event at San Ignacio Church.