Explore the Most Haunted Places in South Dakota and Discover Their Spooky Secrets!

By Bob •  Updated: 12/09/22 •  11 min read

Are you looking for a spine-tingling adventure?

Are you brave enough to explore some of the most haunted places in South Dakota?

From abandoned mining towns to eerie cemeteries, this state has no shortage of spooky secrets.

Step inside and find out what lurks in the shadows!

Haunted Places 
in south dakota

1. The Bullock Hotel, Deadwood

The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota has a long and haunted history. Built in the late 19th century by its namesake Seth Bullock, the hotel was frequented by some of the Wild West’s most notorious characters including Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok and Jack McCall. It is said that these infamous figures still haunt the halls of this historic building to this day.

Reports from guests staying at The Bullock Hotel indicate strange occurrences such as objects being moved around in rooms while they are sleeping, doors opening and closing on their own accord, lights flickering on and off without warning, furniture shaking or moving inexplicably, disembodied voices heard throughout the hallways and even sightings of full-bodied apparitions walking through walls. Other reports include a woman dressed all in white who has been seen gliding down one of the staircases late at night – believed to be Calamity Jane – and people hearing Wild Bill Hickok’s voice coming from his old room upstairs.

If you’re brave enough to experience it firsthand then book a stay at The Bullock Hotel! To learn more about this unique property please visit www.bullockhotel.com for contact information or availability inquiries .

2. Wounded Knee Massacre Site, Pine Ridge Reservation

The Wounded Knee Massacre Site is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southwestern South Dakota. It marks the site where on December 29, 1890, US Army troops massacred an estimated 300 Lakota men, women and children. The massacre was a culmination of a long history of mistreatment that began with colonial expansion into Native American lands and continued through broken treaties, forced relocation and other injustices directed at Native Americans.

Today, the site is part of a larger memorial complex dedicated to preserving the memory of those who died there. Visitors can learn about this dark chapter in United States history by visiting monuments and exhibits at the Wounded Knee Visitor Center or attending one of several annual events held to commemorate victims of the massacre. There are also tours available for visitors wanting more information about what happened here as well as nearby historical sites such as burial grounds connected with Chief Big Foot’s Band (who lost many members in the massacre). For more information visit http://www.woundedkneemuseumandvisitorcenter.org/.

3. Chief Black Hawk’s Grave, Sioux Falls

Chief Black Hawk’s Grave is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is the final resting place of Chief Black Hawk, who was a leader of the Sauk people in the early 1800s. The site has drawn visitors for many years due to its eerie atmosphere and rumored hauntings.

Visitors have reported hearing mysterious voices coming from the grave while they are standing nearby. Some say that these are the spirits of Chief Black Hawk himself, or his ancestors who still linger at this sacred spot. Others report feeling strange sensations when visiting, such as chills going down their spines or an overwhelming sense of dread.

The site also has some interesting historical significance beyond being a haunted location – it serves as a reminder of Native American struggles during colonization and highlights how far we have come since then in terms of civil rights for Indigenous peoples across North America. It also reminds us to pay our respects to those whose lives were lost and stories forgotten over time due to colonialism and other injustices faced by Native Americans throughout history.

For more information about Chief Black Hawk’s Grave, you can visit http://www.siouxfallsparksandrecfoundation.org/chief-black-hawks-grave/.

4. The Old Mill Restaurant & Saloon, Yankton

The Old Mill Restaurant & Saloon in Yankton, South Dakota is believed to be one of the most haunted locations in the area. The restaurant was built on top of an old Native American burial ground and many have reported seeing strange apparitions, hearing unexplained noises, and feeling a chill down their spine when passing by.

Legend has it that there are two main ghosts that haunt the restaurant: an old miner who died during construction of the building and a little girl who perished in a fire decades ago. People have reportedly seen her playing around tables near the fireplace or heard her giggling throughout various parts of the building.

The Old Mill opened its doors to diners back in 1999 and since then witnesses claim to have experienced similar paranormal activity including flickering lights, furniture moving on its own, objects falling off shelves for no reason at all, cold spots felt throughout certain areas of the restaurant as well as voices coming from empty rooms.

If you’re looking for some ghostly encounters while enjoying great food and drinks with friends or family then this is definitely worth checking out! For more information visit https://www.theoldmillyankton.com/.

5. Fort Meade Museum and Parade Grounds, Sturgis

The Fort Meade Museum and Parade Grounds in Sturgis, South Dakota have a long and storied history that stretches back to 1878. The fort was originally constructed as an outpost for the US Army during the Indian Wars. During its time of operation, it served as both a military garrison and a civilian community.

Today, the site is home to an array of historical buildings that are open for visitors to explore. However, many people believe that there is much more than meets the eye at this location – namely supernatural activity! There have been numerous reports over the years from visitors who claim they’ve encountered ghosts or other paranormal phenomena while visiting Fort Meade Museum and Parade Grounds.

From phantom soldiers marching on parade grounds late at night to disembodied voices echoing off walls within abandoned barracks – it’s easy to see why this place has become known as one of South Dakota’s most haunted locations! If you’re feeling brave enough, visit Fort Meade Museum & Parade Grounds located at 3100 W Quincy Street in Sturgis and find out if these tales are true! For more information please visit their website: http://fortmeademuseumandparadegroundssd.org/.

6. The Historic Adams House in Deadwood

The Adams House in Deadwood, South Dakota has a long and storied history – much of it involving paranormal activity. Built in 1892 by the prominent Adams family, this two-story Victorian mansion is said to be haunted by the spirit of Mrs. Adams who died there in 1934. Visitors have reported hearing her footsteps walking through the empty hallways and seeing her figure lingering near doorways or standing at windows looking out over the town below.

Other reports include objects moving on their own accord, strange noises coming from different rooms without explanation, cold spots throughout the house, and even sightings of other unknown entities lurking around dark corners. Some visitors have recounted feelings of being watched or touched when no one else was present.

Today, The Historic Adams House offers guided tours for those interested in learning about its rich history as well as experiencing some of its alleged supernatural activity first hand. For more information please visit www.adamshousemuseumdeadwoodsd/tours/.

7. Spook Cave & Campground near Marquette

Spook Cave & Campground near Marquette, Iowa is a popular spot for visitors seeking to explore its haunted history. This cave was once home to Native American tribes who believed that the cave held supernatural spirits and energy. The area also served as a hideout for bandits in the 1800s, adding another layer of mystery and fear to the area’s past.

Today, Spook Cave offers visitors an array of activities including boat tours through their winding underground river passage and guided tours by flashlight through the dark cave chambers. Visitors can even camp out overnight at one of their campsites if they are brave enough! During your visit you may even encounter one of Spook Cave’s resident ghosts – some say that it is none other than one of those legendary bandits who haunt this place still today.

For more information about visiting Spook Cave & Campground or booking a tour, please visit http://spookcaveiowa.com/.

8. Chamberlain Train Depot & Pick-up Café

Located in Chamberlain, South Dakota, the Chamberlain Train Depot and Pick-up Café is said to be one of the most haunted places in town. Built in 1881 as a train station on the Milwaukee Road line from Chicago to Montana, it was later turned into a café by its new owners.

The building has had reports of ghostly apparitions over the years, with people claiming to have seen an old woman dressed in white roaming around the main area and another man who appears near one of the staircases. Some customers also claim they can feel a presence while sitting at some tables inside or outside. People have reported hearing strange noises coming from within its walls and odd occurrences such as doors slamming shut when no one else is around are not unheard of either.

There have even been rumors that there may be more than just spirits haunting this location; some believe that satanic rituals were performed here during certain times of year due to its proximity to Native American burial grounds nearby. Whether these stories are true or not remains unclear but many locals still steer clear of this place after dark!

If you’re interested in learning more about this spooky location then you can visit their website at www.chamberlaintraindepotcafe.com for further information including opening hours and contact details for any inquiries you might have about their haunted history!

9. The Masonic Temple in Rapid City

The Masonic Temple in Rapid City, South Dakota is one of the most haunted locations in the city. The building was constructed in 1901 and has been a hotbed of paranormal activity ever since. Reports from visitors include eerie noises coming from empty hallways and rooms, cold spots throughout the building, strange lights seen moving through windows late at night, disembodied voices heard within its walls, and even full-body apparitions.

In addition to these mysterious occurrences, many people have witnessed an old man roaming around on the third floor. Legend has it that he was a previous owner who died shortly after his death due to complications with his health. His spirit still haunts this location today and is said to be friendly towards those who encounter him. Other entities are also believed to linger here including children playing in various parts of the temple as well as ghostly figures walking up and down staircases late into the night hours.

Those interested in learning more about this historic landmark or exploring its haunted history can visit their website for more information: http://www.masonictemplerapidcitysd.com/ .

10. South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls

The South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls is a notoriously haunted location. The penitentiary was built in 1881 and was home to some of the most notorious criminals from South Dakota’s history. It has been reported that visitors have heard disembodied voices, seen strange shadows, and experienced other paranormal activity within the prison walls. In particular, visitors often report feeling an oppressive sense of dread while exploring the facility.

The most active area of the prison is said to be death row, which housed inmates sentenced to death by hanging until 1959 when capital punishment was abolished in South Dakota. Witnesses claim to have heard ghostly cries coming from this area as well as witnessed objects moving on their own accord and eerie lights appearing out of nowhere. People also report smelling cigar smoke or lavender perfume lingering around certain areas throughout the prison complex—a reminder that it may still be occupied by those who passed away there many years ago.

Today, parts of the penitentiary are open for tours so curious visitors can explore its long-standing haunted history firsthand. For more information about visiting hours and tour pricing please visit: https://www.southdakotapenmuseumtoursandevents….