Exploring The Most Haunted Places In Vermont: Tales Of Mystery & Adventure

By Bob •  Updated: 01/16/23 •  11 min read

Are you ready for an adventure?

Are you fascinated by the unknown and eager to explore stories of mystery and hauntings?

If so, then Vermont is the place for you! With its rich history, rural landscape, and a plethora of ghostly tales throughout the state, it’s no wonder why many consider Vermont one of the most haunted places in America.

From abandoned buildings with eerie legends to creaky old inns that are said to be home to supernatural spirits, these are just some of the locations that draw paranormal enthusiasts year after year.

So if you’re looking for a unique travel experience filled with spine-tingling thrills and chills—look no further than this guide to exploring some of Vermont’s most haunted places!

Haunted Places 
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1. Old Bennington Battle Monument

The Old Bennington Battle Monument in Bennington, Vermont is said to be haunted by the ghost of Revolutionary War General John Stark. Stark and his troops famously defended the town against British forces during the Battle of Bennington in 1777. It is said that his spirit still lingers around the monument which was erected to honor him and commemorate the battle.

Visitors have reported seeing a figure dressed in colonial garb standing atop the monument late at night or feeling an eerie presence while walking through its grounds. Others have heard strange noises coming from within it or witnessed mysterious lights emanating from its windows even though no one else is present. Some believe that John Stark’s spirit remains here as a reminder of what he fought for and that he will never truly leave this place until his legacy has been secured forevermore!

If you’re interested exploring this historic location, it can be visited daily between 9am-4:30pm (except on major holidays). For more information about visiting hours, entrance fees, etc., please visit their website at https://www.historicvermont.org/bennington_battle_monument/.

2. Cheney Tavern in Manchester Village

Cheney Tavern in Manchester Village, Vermont is said to be one of the most haunted locations in all of New England. Built in 1790, it began as a stagecoach stop and tavern for weary travelers. Many believe that some of those travelers never left the building, with reports of strange sightings and other paranormal activity occurring inside its walls.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices coming from empty rooms and seeing unusual shadows moving about the tavern’s interior late at night when no one else is around. There are also multiple tales of ghosts playing pranks on unsuspecting guests or staff members who remain behind after hours. The most common ghostly encounters take place in Room #9 – where visitors often report feeling an overwhelming cold sensation upon entering – and near the old fireplace in the main dining room.

For anyone interested in experiencing Cheney Tavern’s haunted history first-hand, private investigations can be scheduled through their website (www.cheneytavernvt.com). The site also provides more information about paranormal activity at this historic location and regular updates on any future events related to its spooky past.

3. The Alchemist Bar and Brewery in Waterbury

The Alchemist Bar and Brewery is said to be a place with a haunted history. Located in the former Keeler Brass Company building, which was built in 1888 and had been abandoned for many years before being brought back to life as The Alchemist Bar & Brewery.

The building itself is thought to be haunted by its original owner, Joseph Keeler who died shortly after it opened but there are also reports of strange noises throughout the bar that can’t be explained. Some people have even reported seeing an old man walking around the brewery late at night.

The mysterious feeling of this historic location has drawn numerous paranormal investigators over the years and some claim they have made contact with spirits during their visits. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it’s hard not to find yourself intrigued when visiting this amazing spot!

For more information about The Alchemist Bar and Brewery visit: https://www.alchemistbeer.com/

4. Vermont State Hospital in Brattleboro

The Vermont State Hospital in Brattleboro has a long and storied history, full of tales of hauntings and other paranormal activity. The hospital was founded in 1891 as the first public mental health facility in the United States. It went through many changes over its more than 125-year history, including an expansion that added several new buildings to the campus.

Today, these old buildings are said to be haunted by former patients who were held there during their lifetimes. Witnesses have reported hearing voices coming from empty rooms and seeing apparitions walking the halls of some of the buildings at night. There have even been reports of objects moving about on their own accord!

If you’re interested in learning more about this historic location or experiencing it for yourself, you can take one of several guided tours offered by local ghost tour companies each week during summer months. You can also visit the museum located inside one of the restored buildings which contains artifacts from throughout its past along with information about its various inhabitants over time. For further details or contact information for any specific questions, please visit: https://www.vermontstatemuseumandarchivesblogger/haunted-history-of-brattleboro/.

5. Emily’s Bridge in Stowe

Emily’s Bridge is a haunted bridge located in Stowe, Vermont. It is named after Emily, a young girl who was tragically killed here in the 1800s. According to local legend, her spirit still haunts the bridge to this day. People have reported hearing strange noises and seeing ghostly figures at night on the bridge, particularly around midnight when Emily died.

The story goes that one day Emily was riding her horse across the old covered bridge when it collapsed from decay underneath them both. Her horse managed to escape but she was unfortunately crushed beneath its weight and passed away instantly. Since then people have claimed to hear her cries for help as well as feeling an eerie presence near the area of the accident late at night or early in morning hours before sunrise.

Visitors brave enough can take a walk over Emily’s Bridge at their own risk where they might experience some paranormal activity if they are lucky enough! There are no official tours available but visitors should check with local businesses for more information about this haunted location or visit www.emilybridgevermontstowelegendaryhauntsite .

6. The Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain

The Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain in Vermont is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former employee. The story goes that he worked as a night watchman at the club for many years and eventually passed away in the building. Since then, people have reported strange occurrences such as mysterious lights appearing in empty rooms and eerie noises coming from areas of the property where no one was present. Some guests even claim to have had encounters with what they believe to be his spirit roaming around late at night.

In addition to this possible paranormal activity, there are other stories about unexplained phenomena at the club which cannot be so easily explained away. For example, some visitors report feeling an inexplicable chill when walking along certain hallways or hearing faint music playing from unknown sources within the grounds. Others speak of disembodied voices echoing through corridors and sightings of a woman dressed all in white who disappears without ever being seen again upon further inspection.

If you’re interested in learning more about this historic location’s haunted history, you can visit their website: www.basinharborclubvt.com or call them directly at 802-475-2311 for any questions you may have regarding potential paranormal experiences during your stay!

7. Hildene Mansion in Manchester Center

The Hildene Mansion in Manchester Center, Vermont is said to be haunted by the ghost of Robert Todd Lincoln (the son of President Abraham Lincoln). The mansion was built in 1905 and has been a tourist attraction since 1975. It features an 8-acre historic estate with spectacular gardens and grounds, as well as several exhibits showcasing the history of the family.

Visitors to the mansion have reported seeing apparitions, hearing unexplained noises, finding objects moved around without explanation, feeling cold spots or chills throughout various rooms in the house and even experiencing a sense of being watched while walking through it. Some visitors have even claimed to feel a presence when visiting certain areas inside or outside of the property.

In addition to its paranormal activity, the Hildene Mansion also offers educational programs for children and adults alike about local history and culture from England’s Victorian era up until today. Visitors can take guided tours that focus on different aspects such as architecture, artistry and conservation efforts associated with this stunning structure; there are also seasonal events hosted at Hildene like concerts under stars or outdoor movies during summer months! For more information about visiting hours/prices please visit https://www.hildene.org/.

8. Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium in St Johnsbury

The Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium in St Johnsbury, Vermont has a long and haunted history. It was built in 1891 by Horace Fairbanks on the site of an old iron foundry owned by his father, Thaddeus. The building housed many artifacts from around the world as well as two floors of exhibits dedicated to natural history and science. One of its most famous displays is the “Hall of Dinosaurs,” which features several dinosaur skeletons from different eras.

But it’s not just for scientific exploration – this museum also has a reputation for being haunted! Reports say that visitors have seen strange lights, heard voices whispering in empty rooms and even encountered dark figures lurking about at night. Some believe these entities are tied to the former owners or employees who worked there during its heyday in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Others think they could be spirits from past inhabitants of St Johnsbury or beyond seeking refuge within its walls after death.

If you’re curious to learn more about this location’s spooky past, visit their website at www.fairbanksmuseumvt.org or call (802) 748-2372 for information on upcoming events and tours!

9. Bobby’s Pub at the Equinox Resort, Manchester Village

Bobby’s Pub, located at the Equinox Resort in Manchester Village, Vermont has a long and haunted history. This pub is said to be home to one of the most active ghosts in New England – “Old Bob”. It is believed that Old Bob was a Revolutionary War soldier who settled down near the hotel after his service was done and lived there until he passed away. Since then, several guests have reported hearing strange noises coming from Old Bob’s former room late at night as well as seeing him walking around the grounds of Bobby’s Pub.

There have also been reports of objects moving on their own accord and furniture being rearranged overnight. Some people even claim to have seen shadows lurking around dark corners or felt cold spots lingering throughout the building. In addition, many employees working at Bobby’s Pub report feeling uneasy when they enter certain parts of the building; some even refuse to go into certain areas alone out of fear!

If you’re looking for an interesting experience while visiting Manchester Village, don’t miss out on visiting Bobby’s Pub! You can find more information about this historic location online by checking out The Equinox Resort website: www.equinoxresort.com/dining/bobbys-pub/.

10. Paranormal Books & Curiosities store, Burlington

The Paranormal Books & Curiosities store in Burlington, Vermont is said to have a haunted history. The building was originally built in the late 19th century and has been home to many different businesses throughout its lifetime. It wasn’t until relatively recently that the building became known for its paranormal activity.

Reports of strange occurrences began shortly after the store opened in 2006, with staff members hearing whispers, objects being moved around on their own and mysterious creaking noises from upstairs when no-one else was there. Over time more paranormal activity occurred at the shop such as apparitions being sighted by customers and employees alike, ghostly voices heard coming from empty rooms, electrical equipment malfunctioning without explanation and books disappearing off shelves only to reappear later elsewhere in the store!

The current owners believe these hauntings may be linked to a former owner who died in unexplained circumstances back in 1910 or 1911 – although this hasn’t been confirmed yet. If you’re feeling brave enough why not visit Paranormal Books & Curiosities yourself? They are open Monday through Saturday 11am-6pm; Sunday 12pm-4pm and also offer online ordering through their website paranomalbooksandcuriositiesvt.com/shop/.