Exploring Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Places: A Guide To The Scariest Locations

By Bob •  Updated: 12/30/22 •  11 min read

Are you brave enough to explore Wisconsin’s most haunted places?

From mysterious graveyards to creepy abandoned buildings, this guide will uncover the spookiest locations in the Badger State.

Prepare yourself for some serious chills and thrills as you discover the stories and secrets behind these frightening spots!

Haunted places in Wisconsin

1. The Octagon House in Fond du Lac

Said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. The Octagon House was built by George and Georgette Fox in 1856, but it has been reported that its hauntings began shortly after construction. Reports claim that visitors have heard strange noises, felt a presence of an unseen entity, and even witnessed objects move around them on their own accord.

There are many stories about what may be causing these paranormal experiences at the Octagon House. One popular theory suggests that during its renovation period in 1959-1960, workers unearthed a human skull buried beneath the foundation. It is believed this could be responsible for some of the activity observed within the home today.

Another legend claims spirits from an Indian burial ground located nearby also inhabit The Octagon House and cause supernatural occurrences throughout its corridors and rooms. This idea has yet to be proven or disproven however as no evidence exists either way to support it one way or another

If you would like more information on The Octagon House’s haunted history or are interested in touring this historical site please visit http://wwwfonddulachistorymuseumorg/octagontouraspx for more details

2. Black River Falls State Hospital

Black River Falls State Hospital is a historic site in Wisconsin with a haunted history. The hospital was built in the late 19th century and served as a mental health facility for more than 100 years until its closure in 2003. Since then, paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have reported strange phenomena at the site, including unexplained sounds, shadows, and even apparitions.

The most common story told about Black River Falls State Hospital is that of an old man who can be heard wandering around the building late at night. Some believe this spirit may be that of one of the patients who passed away while staying there or someone associated with it long ago. Other reports include disembodied voices whispering secrets from beyond and mysterious figures moving through the hallways after dark.

Many visitors have also noted feeling uneasy while exploring this area due to its tragic past — hundreds of individuals died here over the years while receiving treatment or living out their days without family or friends by their sides. This makes it not only a hauntingly beautiful place but also an emotionally charged one, which could explain why so many people claim to experience paranormal activity when visiting Black River Falls State Hospital today despite its age and abandonment.

If you’d like to visit this spooky location for yourself, contact info@blackriverfallsstatehospitalhistoryproject for more information on tours and other activities available at Black River Falls State Hospital!

3. Amherst Depot

The Amherst Depot is a historical site located in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts. It was built in 1845 and served as the main train station for the town until 1958 when it closed down. The building has since been preserved and turned into a museum that houses artifacts from the area’s transportation history. The depot also serves as a venue for events such as concerts, plays, and festivals.

However, this historic location has become known for more than its rich transportation history over time; it’s often referred to as one of Massachusetts’ most haunted locations due to numerous reports of paranormal activity occurring within its walls. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises coming from inside the building at night, including disembodied voices whispering in their ears or footsteps echoing through empty hallways. Some people have even claimed to see strange figures walking around late at night when no one else is present in the area!

If you’d like to learn more about the mysterious happenings surrounding this old train station or would like information on upcoming events held there, please visit amherstdepotmuseum.org or call (413) 256-0678 during regular business hours Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm EST

4. Burial Ridge near Lake Geneva

Burial Ridge near Lake Geneva is said to be one of the most haunted locations in Wisconsin. Located on a steep hillside overlooking the lake, Burial Ridge is thought to be home to a number of restless spirits who haunt its grounds.

According to local legend, long ago the area was home to an ancient Native American burial ground where many warriors and chiefs were laid to rest. Over time, their graves were disturbed when settlers began moving into the region and building homes nearby. This desecration of sacred land has caused many of these spirits to linger at Burial Ridge and make their presence known in various ways throughout history.

Reports of strange lights, mysterious voices, and spectral figures have all been reported by visitors over the years. Some people even claim that they’ve seen glowing apparitions walking through the wooded area late at night or heard eerie whispers coming from within it during twilight hours. Many believe that these are all signs that Burial Ridge may still be inhabited by some form of supernatural entity or entities – though what exactly they may be remains unknown.

The best way for curious visitors wanting more information about this haunting location is likely reaching out directly with any questions via email: info@burialsite-lakegeneva-wi . Additionally, there’s also a website dedicated specifically for this site which can provide further information: http://www.burialsite-lakegeneva-wi/ .

5. Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo

The Old Baraboo Inn in Baraboo, Wisconsin has a long and fascinating history of hauntings. Its most famous ghost is known as the “Lady in White” who was seen by guests on many occasions. She often appears near a spiral staircase which leads to the attic and occasionally she will be spotted walking through the halls of the inn or peering out windows. In addition to this spirit, other paranormal activity reported at this location includes strange noises, cold spots, moving objects, doors opening and closing on their own accord and unexplained lights flickering throughout the building.

Many people believe that these sightings are connected to an old unfulfilled love story between two former employees of The Inn – Jack Sweeny and Olive Smith – who were tragically separated before they could marry when Jack died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. Whether it is due to this unfortunate incident or something else entirely unknown, one thing remains clear – The Old Baraboo Inn still houses many mysteries waiting to be unlocked!

For more information about The Old Baraboo Inn including its haunted history you can visit their website at www.oldbaraboinnwisconin.com

6. Mineral Point Opera House and Theater

The Mineral Point Opera House and Theater, located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, has a long history full of hauntings and strange occurrences. It is said that the theater was built on top of a Native American burial ground which could be the cause for its paranormal activity.

Reports include sightings of apparitions in both the theater and backstage area, as well as strange noises coming from areas where no one else is present. Additionally, some employees have reported feeling cold spots or being touched by unseen forces while working late into the night. Others have stated feeling uneasy while entering certain parts of the building due to an unexplainable presence they feel there.

It is speculated that these hauntings date back to when it served as a funeral home before becoming an opera house in 1871. One story tells of two actors who died suddenly during a performance in 1910; their spirits may still linger at this location today.

If you’re interested in learning more about this haunted location or visiting for yourself, please contact them at 608-987-2144 or visit their website: www.mineralpointoperahouseandtheater.com

7. Pendarvis Historic Site in Mineral Point

The Pendarvis Historic Site in Mineral Point, Wisconsin is a beloved 19th century landmark with an extensive and spooky history. The site was originally home to Cornish miners who settled in the area during the early 1800s, and today visitors can explore their homes and cottages as well as the old mining equipment they used.

The grounds are said to be haunted by a figure called “Old Tom,” who many believe to have been a miner who died working in one of the mines onsite. He’s often seen roaming around late at night or appearing out of nowhere near one of his former dwellings. Other eerie sightings include strange lights floating through windows and doors, disembodied voices coming from empty rooms, and unexplained noises that echo throughout the property.

Visitors interested in exploring this historic site can visit Pendarvis’ website for more information about tours, events and pricing: http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/pendarvis/.

8. Plamann Mansion in Appleton

The Plamann Mansion in Appleton, Wisconsin is a historic home and one of the most haunted locations in the area. Built by wealthy businessman William Plamann and his wife Lillian, it was originally intended to be used as a summer home for their family. The mansion has been standing since 1910 and has seen many generations of families come through its doors.

Over the years there have been reports of paranormal activity within the walls of this grand old house. People have heard unexplained footsteps on both floors as well as strange noises coming from empty rooms. Doors opening and closing without any explanation and furniture being moved around when no one else is present are just some examples of what people have reported experiencing while visiting or living at this location.

In addition to these mysterious occurrences, visitors often witness apparitions roaming around inside the building including an older woman who is believed to be Mrs. Plamann herself who appears near her bedroom window or in other parts of the mansion where she spent much time during her life there with her husband William Plamann until he passed away in 1936 leaving behind his beloved property which still stands today over 100 years later!

With its rich history and many tales over time, you can visit 815 W Prospect Avenue Appleton WI 54914 to explore all that lies within these walls yourself if you dare! For more information about potential tours or events please visit wwwplammanssionmuseumcom/events-tours/.

9. Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire

The Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is believed to be haunted by a ghostly figure. According to local legend, the spirit of an old Native American man wearing a long black coat has been seen roaming around the museum at night. The entity is said to have once been a tribal elder who passed away long ago and now continues to watch over the museum grounds as if it were his home.

In addition to sightings of this mysterious figure, visitors have also reported hearing strange noises coming from within the museum walls and feeling an unexplainable chill while walking through certain rooms. Some have even claimed that they saw objects moving on their own or caught glimpses of shadowy figures darting across hallways late at night.

For those interested in learning more about this location’s haunted history, there are plenty of resources available online including interviews with former employees who had their own experiences with paranormal activity during their time working at the museum. Additionally, there are many books and articles which detail other supernatural happenings that occurred here over the years.

If you would like further information about visiting or learning more about the Chippewa Valley Museum’s past inhabitants, please visit https://www.cvmuseum.com/.

10. Sconnening Memorial Park Cemetery, Green Bay

Sconnening Memorial Park Cemetery in Green Bay, Wisconsin is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the area. The cemetery dates back to 1839 and has a history of paranormal activity that has been reported for over 100 years. Witnesses have reported hearing voices, ghostly apparitions, and strange noises coming from unmarked graves.

In addition to its paranormal activity, Sconnening Cemetery also holds a dark past related to Native American burial grounds that were destroyed when the city was built on top of them. It’s believed by some that this destruction caused an imbalance between worlds and allowed spirits to remain trapped between life and death in the cemetery.

The cemetery remains open during daylight hours but visitors are asked to respect its solemn atmosphere while visiting as it’s still used today for funerals and burials of loved ones who have passed away. No contact information is available at this time but please feel free to visit their website for more information: www.greenbaycemeterydistrictgbcd.org