7 Reasons Why You Are Hearing Coins Dropping In The Night

By Bob •  Updated: 07/23/19 •  6 min read

I stayed at the Haunted Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota a few years ago.  Something strange happened every night, I could hear coins dropping and moving on the desk at the foot of the bed.

I no doubt was scared to move or get out of bed to investigate the sounds.  The hotel is famous for being haunted, but I know that paranormal activity isn’t guaranteed and sometimes nothing happens.

After that visit, I had to find out why I was hearing coins dropping so I did a lot of research and this article will help you understand why.  But in short, people hearing coins dropping is a sign that a paranormal phenomenon is happening, usually to people who are aware of a ghost in that area.

Some think this is also tied to poltergeist activity, and I’ll address that in this article further, but first I want to go over why this may be happening.

Why are you hearing coins dropping?

In some cases of this paranormal activity, there are usually coins, for whatever reason, you emptied your pockets and placed it on the desk next to your keys, very common.

You may have found yourself like I did wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of your change being moved around on the desk.  Sliding against the wood.

I have often heard that ghost are mischievous, and like to do things like that.  But why move coins?  I believe that some ghost recognizes the coin from their time on earth and choose that material to play with.

But coins and the dead have a history together.  In some religions, they practice the placing coins over the eyes of a recently deceased.  There are 2 reasons for coins over the eyes of a recently deceased person.

  1. Once you die rigor Mortis happens, and if your eye is open, they will stay that way.  So putting coins on was a way to keep them shut during the process.  That was the way they did it in the past.  Now modern morticians just use glue to keep them shut.
  2. Greek Mythology say’s the coins on the eyes were to pay Charon the boat captain to ferry the soul across the river of Styx in the afterlife.

When you hear coins drop, what could it mean?

Knowing those two points about why they put coins on dead peoples eyes, it is said that if you hear coins drop in the middle of the night, it is a sign that your loved one has risen and gone on to the afterlife.  That may be why you won’t find the actual coin on the ground.

Consider that a good sign, the deceased has passed on the other life and that would explain you hearing the coins.

But the paranormal is full of tricksters, probably because this is their way of communication with you.  Whether we like it or not, they are communicating with us.

The spirits might also do other things to let you know they are there, like move the bed or make the door creek.

If you have it in you, grab your phone and take a bunch of pictures, I’m sure you will get something.  And by all means, get out a recorder and see if you can capture and EMF.

Is it a Poltergeist?

No doubt some skeptics in the paranormal community associate coins dropping to a poltergeist.  A Poltergeist is very well known for noises, and moving objects, especially across the room.

But what I think makes this sort of activity, not a poltergeist is because of how tame this really is.

If however, the coins heard dropping are associated with other things like lights being turned on or off, bitting or other physical and scratching, then you might have a poltergeist.

If what you are experiencing that extreme, I urge you to seek a local paranormal research group to help out.

What does the word Poltergeist mean?

The dictionary says a poltergeist is a supernatural being or a ghost that makes physical disturbances such as noises and objects being thrown around the room.

7 interesting things about Poltergeist

  1. They tend to prefer women to men.
  2. They will get into your things and move them.
  3. A lot of cases were determined to be fakes.
  4. Emotional stress is believed by some researchers to cause this phenomenon. The negative change in energy of the room may cause activity, the theory is called Spontaneous recurring Psychoiness.
  5. Believed to be spirits of the dead.
  6. A poltergeist can last two days and up to 2 years.
  7. This is one of the rarest forms of a haunting.

You can see why this type of spirt would have no issues dropping or moving coins around.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis Signs

There are a couple of differnt factors that separate a ghost and a poltergeist.  The poltergeist will center themselves around a human, usually a female.  And A ghost will usually be present and “haunt” home or dwelling of some sort.

Here are some signs of an RSPK event.

A lot of this activity that is from a poltergeist will seem really dramatic and scary.  But rarely does this led to people getting hurt or injured.  A small percent have reported minor injuries.

Getting rid of a Poltergeist

If you are experiencing any of the above you will need to take some steps to get rid of it.

A paranormal research group might have a religious member of the church and the group to help confront and command it to leave immediately.

If not contact your church or find one on the internet and ask them if they would be able to bless your home.

Further Investigation

Hearing coins dropping and finding them moved around could be a poltergeist or a ghost.  It’s important to take note and record what you can.  Details and pictures will be helpful to you and others who may be able to offer assistance.

If you have recently lost a loved one, you might be getting a sign from them.  I would talk to them and let them know you can hear them and you know they are OK.